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Mad Season, Days of the New
Man this Diego Giannini has an impressive voice. So infectious that the vocal variety becomes the backbone of what is Ancona Italy’s Need Her Liver. Their sophomore release entitled Nuna is full of texture and energy that will continue to grow on you with each listen. Need Her Liver has a very genuine sound rich with variety and vision. Nuna presents before us a rock band not hiding behind any particular genre. A rock band much akin to The Tragically Hip where we could very well envision a diverse library ahead. Their formula may sound simple but its so hard to bottle naturally.

Track listing:
1. Wall St (8:10)
2. The Mimic (3:22)
3. Adam Nation (4:51)
4. Helen of Troy (4:48)
5. Sex Ultimatum (8:50)
6. Wackanal (3:36)
7. Apollo (4:42)
8. Planet Bench (5:47)
9. The Horde (5:10)
10. Bitter Cup (6:00)

What are the top tracks we recommend downloading if you had a few bucks to spare?

That is a tough one. The problem in this is that the album gels so well start to finish. The opening track "Wall St." is quite impressive and perhaps the best track on the album. Having an 8 plus minute opener adds to the allure of this album. The highs and lows on this track are amazing. Such dramatic contrast, you get a good sample of the power in Giannini’s vocals. His angst will send chills through your spine. "Helen of Troy," "Wackanal" and "Planet Bench" serve up the soft spacial side of the band and are well placed within the track listing. "Sex Ultimatum" gets our consolation prize vote. The track explores some very dark areas and really gets quite euphoric and trippy.

What other albums would you recommend if we enjoy Nuna?
Mad Season’s Above is perhaps one of the top 10 albums of all time. Both albums contain a lofty spacious sound to them and are very well written. Now we understand Mad Season is at an entirely different level, but we thought important to mention in case for some strange reason you did not have this in your collection.

Are there any weak moments on the album?
The chorus on "The Mimic" is a bit too repetitive for our tastes as it slightly interrupts the flow of the album. While Giannini’s vocal work in between this chorus is down right impressive, the chorus wasn't for us.

Diego Giannini: vocals
Daniele Sconocchini: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synths, mellotron
Renato Rossi: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Alessandro Servadei: bass
Patrizio Vigiani: drums, percussions

What are our final thoughts on for Nuna?
This is just a refreshing album. We have been hard pressed to find a solid “rock” album that holds some substance and depth. Nuna certainly has substance and enough variety to warrant your purchasing this one and for it making our Editor's Pick. Giannini is a charismatic frontman that we believe the human ear will take quickly to. There is a lot of vibrant music coming out of Italy these days and we hope to catch these folks when they come to the United States. We also recommend you give a gander to their debut release Gigante. Equally as impressive in our eyes. - 10/5/2016

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