Night Lights
(Here We Come)
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Pop, Alternative
Sounds Like:
FUN, Bear Hands
Night Lights are a pop, alternative band from Boston, Massachusetts. With members from Mexico, Texas, Japan, California and Norway, we have no idea how they ended up in Boston. Their blend of pop music is fused with some alternative elements that help create some decent hooks and melodies. The album does have a nice, crisp and clean production. We wouldn’t be surprised one bit if they took-off and gained some momentum; it is feel good music that a many people can gravitate towards. While they put their own spin on pop music, most of the album seems to be mediocre at best. The lyrics aren’t awful; they pretty much touch on relationship issues, so you can take it or leave it.

"Hit the Water," track 1 isn’t too bad, while the main song is a bit forgettable, the chorus is very catchy and this is where they get you. They know how to create a hook to lure you in. The vocals of lead singer Mau are upfront and clean; he actually has the perfect voice for this style of music. Track 2, "Make Me Smile" follows the same path, the song has a decent flow and again it has a strong radio friendly chorus. Track 3, "Here We Come" is somewhat boring; they couldn’t lure us in with this one. The first 3 seconds sounds very much like the beginning Rick Springfield’s hit "Jessies Girl". And the lyrics are too wishy-washy, time to move on. The song "Stutter" is decent and could be the best cut here as it brought the overall rating of the album up a couple notches. They actually mix things up with some feedback at the end and echoed vocals to match. The last song, "Teach Me How To Love" doesn’t sound as bad as the title, as it doesn’t stray too far from their formula. The beginning of the song is a bit dull, but it eventually will develop a good summertime guitar hook and vocals for the chorus.

Night Lights seem to be talented band, but we felt that most of the album is forgettable; it takes more than some catchy chorus lines to reel us in and keep us interested. It may be good for a moment or two, but that’s about it. If you’re into the alternative pop scene hopefully we have stumbled upon something new for you. - 8/26/2014

Standout Tracks: Stutter
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