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Black Metal, Noise rock, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Late night tv static
We have no clue if NYSS is a one man project or an actual band. What we do know is this album may induce migraines if played at high volumes. The album cover is terrific, the lonesome winter landscape makes for a captivating cover, so naturally we were intrigued. It’s virtually impossible to find any info on NYSS who is based out of France. So, why do we bother writing a review for this you may ask? Our answer is to help steer in the right direction, maybe this is something for you or not. They bring nothing new to the table, it’s basically six tracks that sound exactly alike of instrumental amped up noise. It sounds like late night television static with minimal rhythm.

Even fans of drone may be irritated by this one, at least it’s a free download on Bandcamp and we’ll give them that. We are cutting the review rather short as it’s not worth our time or yours as we’re be giving this album the lowest rating to date, a mere 1 on the dial.

The band just released an EP titled Couteaux de glace just as we published this review. We took a moment to check it out and it's not as noise inducing as their debut. There is more rhythm and death metal vocals to be heard. Check out the track "Rêver à jamais" on this one, it's oddly intriguing. - 4/16/2016

Standout Tracks: None

We searched endlessly and no video can be found.
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