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Doom, Sludge
Sounds Like:
Electric Wizard, Sleep, Deadbird
Friday, February 13, 2015
Orm is a doom, sludge band from Denver, USA and their 2012 album 42012 is just classic doom sludge to the core. The albums' bleak, evil drudgery will drag you into their cold, distant world. The harrowing vocals have this Jus Osborn from Electric Wizard meets Sleep vocalist quality about them and are far and few in between. 42012 could actually be slower than Sleeps’s Jerusalem at times and they even come close to bordering on drone at as well. Let’s break this one down and see if the sludge being delved out is worth your time.

Track Listing:
1. Say the Name 11:15
2. Kathula 07:45    
3. The Way is Hidden 05:23
4. Dromedaries on Mars 11:39

The first song is a long slow moving sludge affair. Its impending doom rhythm is very hypnotic and trippy. Hardcore fans of the doom genre will take to this. The song does not break its slow grinding rhythm, in fact it may get even slower as the song progresses. The sound is very dynamic and will challenge any stereo system out there. The echoed vocals feel way out in the distance and are never too in front of the music. The drums are slow yet thick and powerful, we're not sure how the drummer pulls off not breaking stride for the full 11 minutes. Great opening cut to lure you in. The funeral doom style of track two, “Kathula” follows along the same downtrodden path as the previous track, very Jerusalem-like.

The fourth song actually picks up the pace a bit, it’s still sludgy as all hell, but the vocals actually have some life, they are stronger and show some range. The second half of the song starts to bottom out, we knew it couldn’t last and we’re right back into the slow, drudgery that is Orm. The last cut is in classic funeral doom form, setting the bar even lower. It is almost 12 minutes of spiraling, drug-laced heavy sludge, the last three minutes are like a death march with no end in sight.

Orm have a classic sonic doom quality about them and will leave you in a dark state-of-mind. Fans that appreciate the beauty in this kind of music and are willing to ride this one out will be very pleased. - 2/13/2015

Standout Tracks: Dromedaries on Mars
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