Peggy Sue
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Indie, Folk
Sounds Like:
PJ Harvey, First Aid Kit
Tuesday, October 15, 2013
England-based Peggy Sue has delivered an unusual and interesting album with Acrobats. The arrangements have an eerie feel which include the occasional use of banjos, ukuleles, violins and offbeat percussion. We found this album to be quite engrossing. The harmonies provided by Rosa Slade and Katy Young bring forth a unique heartfelt sound. The lyrics are moody and dark at times, on track one, "Cut My Teeth" we hear lyrics like 'I cut my teeth across his flesh/ watched him weeping as I left' or the eerie lyrics of "Funeral Beat".  We definitely hear the PJ Harvey influences as the vocals on several tracks are loud and straining. "Parking Meter Blues" is a bit off-beat, but after a few listens and hearing the subtle use of the ukulele and chimes, it grew on us as a solid tune. "D.U.M.B.O." is a nice change of pace with a knee slapping drum snare and guitar strumming, it will put a little hop in your step. "Shadows" the best track on the album, reminds us of the band Junip and is a great euphoric mood setter. "There Always Was" is a strong finish to the album.

Acrobats is one of those loner albums; that fits well on the outdoor speakers or at a camp fire within a small tight-knit group. So, don’t be fooled by the name of the band, Peggy Sue, they definitely bring a welcome twist to the Indie-Folk rock genre.

Standout Track: Cut My Teeth, Shadows
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