Possessed Steel
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Looking for that new dungeon crawling, skull crushing heavy metal band that you can get excited about? Well, so are we. Possessed Steel is a brand new four-piece metal band from Toronto, Canada. They claim to be four metalheads on a journey through high and low in search of the mighty sword. Well, the search can stop here, as this album is just more metal that is not very original. We understand that this is their first EP, so we’ll give them a pass on the production value. Actually the lack of production kind of helps them out a bit, it creates an independent raw feel, but that’s the only redeeming factor for this album.

Their journey to find this mighty sword begins with "Prelude to the Storm/Battle with Neptune". The piano prelude will draw you in, it’s the calm before the storm. Then the thunderous metal shows up along with the guitar solos. The lead vocals are typical of the 'sword seeking' metal bands out there. They are upfront, powerful and clean, just what you want from a leader in charge of this kind of quest. "Valhalla," track two is in similar fashion to the previous song. It’s a galloping metal tune about battles and exploration. We suddenly hear the singer belt out, "Oden, call thunder from the sky!" We sometimes find lyrics such as this bit off putting; it seems to have been done over and over again among the power metal bands. There is not much singing on this one, which makes it one of the better tracks.

The track "Possessed Steel" just continues the metal bombardment, and we think they are getting closer to finding this mighty sword. The final track "Horn of the Black Unicorn" is more of the same, but you can tell they want this to be the epic power song on the album. They belt out "through the forest of the dead" quite a few times here, trying to create some mystic. The musical breakdown isn’t too bad as it breaks up the metal, but doesn’t last long. The change-ups suggest the various storylines within this song and we are carried out to fade with a steady power metal rhythm.

We give them kudos for lengthening some of the songs with instrumental jams instead of forcing more fantasy lyrics on us. So, perhaps there is hope that these guys can find their way and bring us a metal album with some originality. - 10/2/2014

Standout Tracks: Prelude to the Storm/Battle with Neptune
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