Potato Hate Explosion
(Flower Violence)
Crank this to 7.6 of 11
Cyber grind metal, Noise rock, Experimental
Sounds Like:
iwresteledabearonce, Black Dahlia Murder, Code Orange
Cyber grind metal specialist Potato Hate Explosion is a one man project based in Bowling Green, Missouri. The Cyber grind genre that was possibly coined by Potato Hate Explosion is a modern sub-genre of grind metal. Picture bands like iwrestledabearonce or Black Dahlia Murder with splashes of electronics and ambiance. With grinding death-like vocals, swift percussion and speed-driven guitars combined with electronics, this experimental style of metal is a valiant effort to expand upon the grind genre.

Vocal Performance
7.9 of 11

Risk of Subwoofer Damage
7.3 of 11

Lyrics and Song Structure
7.2 of 11

Fretwork Prowess
8.2 of 11

Overall Album Flow
7.6 of 11

8.8 of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
8.9 of 11

Production Value
8.5 of 11

Standout Track(s)
There really is no standout track that lured us in. You either love or hate this style of music.

Alcohol Pairing
Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown, this 9.00% ABV ale should numb the brain a bit in order to listen to this one in its entirety.

Lasting Impression
We found this album very intriguing and good in small doses. It’s a hard album to get through in one sitting unless grind metal is your cup of tea. We applaud the vision of Potato Hate Explosion to expand the boundaries of this particular genre. - 1/4/2018

1. Flowerviolence 02:53
2. Cherryhouse 04:49
3. Limehouse 03:03
4. Megafauna 03:00
5. Purple Zephyr 03:20
6. Centerpiece 03:50
7. By Blood 02:47
8. Channel 03:06
9. Primal Revival 03:56
10. 20/20/20 03:33
11. Citrus Sun 02:43

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