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Psychedelic rock, Jazz, Prog-rock
Sounds Like:
Hawkwind, King Crimson, Tuatara
Looking for some psychedelic rock with tons of improvisation and jazz qualities? Well, we were too until Psicomagia came along. Pronounced (seek-oh-mah-hee-yah), this six-piece band from San Diego, California released a very colorful Self-Titled album in 2013. Think what the psychedelic side of Hawkwind coupled with King Crimson exploration and the worldly sounds of Tuatara could sound like, and there you have it, an outburst of exploration and trippy jams.

Band members:

Paul Marrone (drums)
Tyler Daughn (keyboard, organ)
Trevor Mast (bass)
Brian Ellis (tenor sax)
Bernard Nunez (composer)
Daniel Guttierez (composer)

It would be extremely difficult to breakdown each track. It is full of high energy psychedelic rock instrumentation with elements of jazz and prog rock. The album never really breaks from its energetic pace; it is a flow of hallucinogenic tempos, it’s very much what Tuatara could sound like on mushrooms. What draws us to this band is the use of tenor sax and how it’s fused into the rock madness; it makes for a wonderful addition and really sets them apart. The integration of the sax is perfect, sometimes it just floats around in the background and at other times it takes control, but never overshadows the music. The keys are terrific in every way as they add a rich flavor to the songs. We must mention there are no guitars, just a bass and this where the keyboards and organ come into play. They are performed at such a high pace one could think it sounds like progressive styled guitars at times… very well done. The spoken word vocal style that shows up on track two and four is a nice addition, adding yet another element to keep us intrigued. The drums and bass are also important pieces to the structure of the album. They are free-spirited, yet also provide a foundation, especially the bass; it is played at a steady pace, which helps pull the album back to earth.

Track Listing:

1. El Memorioso - 5:19
2. El Congreso part 1 - 14:37
3. El Congreso part 2 - 12:35
4. Simplòn - 6:19

Psicomagia have brought us an album that is very free-formed, it is played with a sense of improvisation, much like the style of jazz. We can only imagine what they must sound like on stage, it must overwhelm the senses. The album does provide a great headphone experience, but if you have a powerful set-up, we recommend cranking this mother up a few notches and see where is takes you. - 1/14/2015

Standout Tracks:
El Memorioso, El Congreso part 2
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