Pure Phase Ensemble 4
(Live At Spacefest!)
Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Shoegaze, Space rock, Dream pop
Sounds Like:
The Verve, Caravan, Vibravoid
Pure Phase Ensemble (PPE) is a collective of artists from Poland and abroad created just for the SpaceFest! festival in Gdansk, Poland. Spacefest! is a festival of shoegaze, space-rock and alternative music. Besides the concerts, this festival is a breeding ground for musicians and fans to meet. Also, many new artists can showcase what their talents. This is the fourth installment of PPE as each version contains different artists and a new musical director. Each live performance at Spacefest! is recorded then released on CD and digitally, there is no studio versions of their music.

Line up:
Mark Gardener (Musical director, voice, guitar)
Ray Dickaty (Musical director, saxophone, flute, korg monotribe)
Jacek Rezner (drums)
Kamil Hordyniec (bass)
Michał Pydo (voice, guitar)
Michał 'Kostek' Stolc (synths, backing vocals)
Karol Schwarz (guitar, voice, korg monotribe, phase)

The music on PPE is very open-ended as it travels through various genres such as space rock, dream pop, shoegaze and a bit of jazz. The production is spot on for a live album, each instrument is clear and is allowed to shine. The vocals are also very well done, they are not set too loud nor are they too low, they just float effortlessly among the music.

1. Intro (4:10) - The intro to the set is a dreamy synth-based ambient affair that sets the mood. We can feel the audience is in anticipation for what is yet to come.

2. Morning Rise (8:03) -
The intro leads directly into this one. Slowly the emergence of the horns and percussion come into play. This song has a relaxed Verve like feel, think toned-down jazz combined with a dream pop ambiance. As the song aimlessly drifts on, you’ll find yourself in a reflective state of mind, a very good song to kick off a live set.

3. Notatki (15:47) -
The longest song and the trippiest as this is one hell of a space ride. You can feel something special is happening here with the subtle flutes, psychedelic synths and steady cymbal work in the beginning. The song starts to take off at the 3:15 mark, the rhythm becomes a bit faster and the smooth echoed vocals are introduced. Soon a second vocalist joins in with spoken word style, the difference in vocal styles really help to elevate this song. The music keeps building in strength until the fallout at eight minutes in, where we are treated to a low-toned psychedelic guitar interlude. Things will pick up again, but the rhythm now is heavier with a Farflung like guitar-driven space rock heaviness. This track really showcases everything they’re about, it has it all.

4. Zostan na noc (9:12) - A dense song with a very strong saxophone. The band means business with this one, the percussion is terrific and challenges our trusty old Paradigm speakers. The song will shift into some sort of psychedelic dream pop, shoegaze vibe adding wonderful layers to the music.

5. Peter Song (5:41) -  This is a nice change of pace from the previous two songs. This song is alternative in nature, yet they seem to bring elements of spaced out jazz and psychedelics to this one as well.

6. Doing My Head In (3:32) - A very easygoing song that is cheerful in nature and will put you in a blissful state of mind.

7. Happy Dancing Woman (8:37) - Great percussion can be found here. The trash can sounding drums are infectious and the bass fits right along flawlessly. We can feel the crowd getting into this one, perhaps it’s the way the song keeps building and adding layers. It’s a terrific song that just flat out sounds great when cranked up.

We are very impressed with this version of Pure Phase Ensemble, the live atmosphere adds to the allure of the album. We highly recommend this one, not only do they hit us with some trippy space rock psychedelics, they also have this feel good aura surrounding them which makes for a special and unique listen. - 9/10/2015

Standout Tracks: Notatki, Zostan na noc
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