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Hard rock, Grunge, Funk
Sounds Like:
Glueleg, Powerman 5000, Suicidal Tendencies
Sunday, October 20, 2013
For fans of muffled vocals and the golden age of grunge,  welcome Puzzlefish, a pretty wild ride if you are looking  for a wacky, but heavy and entertaining album. Lead singer Phreddd has a Mike Muir on crack feel with excessive muffled vocals and occasional heavy breathing. Random funk and rapping thrown in throughout the album may sound like a bad idea, but actually works and makes this one a keeper.

We love the aggressive peaks with blasts of echo throughout the album as well. Great party music to throw in randomly. You will definitely get comments like "what the 'F' is this"; followed by "this isn’t bad actually"; followed by "can I borrow this?". Check out tracks 4 and 5, "Coffee" and "Mr. Later", these two will give you a real good feel for the album. A lot of energy, muffle, great bass and tempo changes make this a sonic love-fest. Enjoy!!

Standout Track: Coffee
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