Pyramids With Nadja
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Ambient post-rock
Sounds Like:
Flaming Lips, Jesu, Locrian
It's not often we come across ambient dominated albums that can hold our interest. Your collection probably has an ambient hole that Pyramids With Nadja can fill. The one album wonder fuses the Canadian based drone ambient band Nadja with post-rockers Pyramid. The result is a diversified four lengthy tracks:

1. Into the Silent Waves (10:05)
2. Another War (15:27)
3. Sound of Ice and Grass (21:47)
4. An Angel Was Heard to Cry Over the City of Rome (10:27)
Run Time - 57:46

Mind you this is a joint project from the two bands and not a split album. It delivers sensational productions that will provide new vibrancy to your high end speakers. The air and soundscapes delivered meld a variety of genres from elements of doom , shoe-gaze, metal, post rock and contemporary ambience. Nadja's distorted drone penetrates your eardrums throughout.

Upon listening to the album, the clear dominating factor to the music is Nadja’s drone/ambient bass-lines and entrancing percussion. This dominance is made even more impactful upon the entrance of the light vibrancy that Pyramids transmits with its spacious vocals. The first track "Into the Silent Waves" has a nautical feel and paints vivid imagery of dark movement in the vast seas. The vocals do not hit until about four minutes into the second track, “Another War”. This unique track has multiple layers inclusive of all the genres mentioned above. The vocals actually pull in an indie vibe all seamlessly a short film by the Flaming Lips.  

Track three "Sound of Ice and Grass" highlight heartfelt piano sounding as if being played in a deep cavern or cathedral from the distance. The track becomes very disturbing as the vocals kick in. Tremendous onslaught of echoing vocals and experimentation make for this standout track.

The closing track, “An Angel Was Heard To Cry Over The City Of Rome” also contrast beauty and darkness all with an industrial progressive backdrop. The skies open and close throughout this track.

Yes, like most ambient albums, patience is required. Let this one play in the background while you do errands around the house or pop it on as you get ready for bed. The variety will surely impress you. Ultimately the two bands have achieved a cohesive mood setting piece that is so natural and diverse you will need this in your collection. - 11/24/2015

Standout Tracks: Into the Silent Waves, Sound of Ice and Grass
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