(The Liars Bend Low)
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Post metal
Sounds Like:
Mastodon, Forming the Void
2017 feels like a year loaded up with debut albums particularly in the post-metal arena. Houston natives Pyreship have unleashed their first work under Black Bow Records entitled The Liars Bend Low. While their FB page indicates slowcore as their prominent genre, we may disagree a bit on that point. While we hear some downbeat melodies and hints of minimalism this is by and large a straight shooting post metal arrangement with hints of doom. The album is pretty diverse vocally as Jordan and Waters provide some nice contrast in styles. Envision Snapcase angst at the forefront and Jerry Cantrell hovering in the background.

Track Listing:
1. Gravity - 7:22
2. Machine Men - 6:58
3. When Leaves Turn to Blood - 6:12
4. Die-Sect - 7:54
5. ...Are We Dead Yet - 6:46

What is the standout track on The Liars Bend Low?
"When Leaves Turn to Blood" hits home the strongest for us. The track features the most impactful melodic fretwork and some inspiring harmonies. The band delves further in doom territory on this track. It is a very patient endeavor and will really grow on you after a few rotations. While we can't escape the spoken word that bleeds towards the end of the track checkout the beautiful guitar melody to close out the track.

Was their anything that irked us about this album?
We are not very big fans of integrating spoken word sampling. The Liars Bend Low infuses a fair amount of apocalyptical messages that frankly disrupt the flow in our opinion.

How is the production?
Quite solid and a good headphone experience.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany The Liars Bend Low?
Checkout Under the Radar Brewery in Houston and their well titled Mid Frequency IPA.  This is a multicultural recipe utilizing American, British, and German Malts.  Provides a golden amber color with a tasty bitterness achieved with Columbus, Centennial and Chinook hops during the boil and dry hopped with Chinook and Centennial to give it a slightly floral and citrus nose. Sit down and tune it in.

Band Members:
George Lusito - Bass
Steve Smith - Drums
Cru Jordan Jones - Guitars,Vocals
Sam Waters - Guitar Vocals

Final thoughts for The Liars Bend Low.
This is a solid debut for the Houstonites. The Liars Bend Low features some entertaining vocal variation and nice post-metal influences. If you can get through the spoken word sampling you will see these folks have promise for the future. And a kudos to the album artist. Pretty intricate stuff that intrigued us to give this one a gander. - 8/10/2017

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