(Held in Splendor)
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Psychedelic folk rock
Sounds Like:
Jefferson Airplane, Tame Impala, The Wellwater Conspiracy
Boston continues to develop great talent across all genre's. Quilt, a Boston based psychedelic folk band, is another testament to the continued music talents spawning out of this area. Held in Splendor is a euphoric trip through the love of nature and the wild. Members Anna Rochinski, Shane Butler and John Andrews have a vehement love for that 60's vibe and the energy they have put into their harmonies and tie-die latent landscapes present very well that retro authentic feel.

The album contains thirteen pretty diverse warm tracks averaging about 3 and a half minutes a track. Held in Splendor does not tire through the tracks as the three all share in the vocals, offering up good variety but all within the natural airy feel they look to achieve. Very nice use of piano, organ, saxophone, acoustic and electric guitar throughout. "Arctic Shark" is a solid jovial opening track featuring Anna's sultry soft voice. Very sexy emphasis on her's' which we thoroughly enjoy. "Tie Up the Tides" also features Anna's voice, with a  bit of a muffled distortion touch another strong sensual tune.

On "The Hollow," a heavy dosage of acoustic guitar plucking and violin make for a very special rich feel. The song is a bit quirky but will grow on you after several listens. A very short and interesting take on folk psychedelia. "Tired and Buttered" also exceeds our expectations its upbeat introductory jamming and energetic vocals. The song displays the bands ability to hit uptempo quite well and quickly slow it down effectively. The second to last track "Talking Trains" is one of our favorite cuts, probably the most raw on the album, featuring Anna and a very crisp acoustic guitar. The guitar-work is vibrant and very clean. This track is a great example of how the band has really put together a well thought out diverse album, one that does not tire or bore. The last track "I Sleep In Nature" is a great ending, starting off with very lazy vocals, but then gaining momentum with some high energy organ morphing and culminating into a very simple two chord electric guitar ending. Unique and powerful ending.

We are fired up to have come across Quilt and feel they are a great addition to the Boston local scene. We envision them being a mainstay in heavy rotation and appreciate the energy and diversity they have put forth with Held in Splendor. - 5/2/2014

Standout Tracks: Talking Trains, A Mirror, Tired and Buttered
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