Red Scalp
The Great Chase In The Sky
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Psychedelic rock, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Ancient Sky, Bask, Holy Mount
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Red Scalp have bottled a tremendously unique Polish recipe. The band transforms the listener into an almost outer body experience catapulting you into a vast landscape where “space Indians” thrive. You feel a part of this insanely vivid journey. The Great Chase In The Sky very much plays like a sequel to their brilliant 2017 release Lost Ghosts which made our top 11 Albums of the Decade list. We did not think it was possible, but the band manages to keep our euphoric love and dive deeper into realms of desperation and trauma. The contrast on this album will floor you as well-timed penetrating sax-work softens to calming beauty. The five tracks are so engrossing that it will motivate you to wander through some of your favorite trails and absolutely immerse yourself into their sonic wonder no matter what the weather. Be it a piping hot summer fucking day or the depths of winter.The vocal prowess delivers by Jed and Weedian is arm-lifting to the sky inspiring.   

Track Listing: 
1. Mothertime (6:56) 
2. Chase (11:34) 
3. Sacred Space (9:02) 
4. Gunsinger (4:28) 
5. Slide (9:56) 

Standout Track: 
This truly is an impossible task for this album. We are going to select "Chase" for its epic absolutely powerful build-up. The track starts with creeping bass-work and slow meandering jazz sax. The track surrounds you with one of the finest headphone experiences a listener can undergo. Dabek kicks in with beautiful circular fretwork melodies and the track shines to cries taking you up to 10,000 foot elevation. Over 11 minutes of bliss. 

Adult Beverage Pairing: 
Amber Kozlak at 6.5% ABV. Located in Bielkówek. The ingredients include water, hop, and barley malt (both pale and dark). This dark-bock style beer is famous for its ruby color and Red Scalp appeal. The beer is brewed through the method of bottom fermentation doing justice to its dark color. This is an Ale with unique vibrant tones much akin to The Great Chase In The Sky

Captivation and Variety 
10.7 out of 11 

Vocal Prowess 
10.3 out of 11 

Weight of the Heavy 
10.1 out of 11 

Fretwork Prowess 
10.2 out of 11 

Bass Undercurrent 
10.4 out of 11 

10.6 out of 11 

Overall Album Flow 
10.5 out of 11 

9.9 out of 11 

Album Cover Aesthetics   
8.9 out of 11 

Production Value 
10.1 out of 11 

Final Thoughts: 
Outside of perhaps a mediocre album art cover, "The Great Chase In The Sky" has minimal if any flaws. The album is an amazing sonic experience and a go to album if you truly need an "escape". If you put a gun to our heads and asked us what band had the most original and majestic sound over the past decade, Red Scalp would sure be in the top 3 of all time. While this sounds lofty and outlandish, put their library in your heavy rotation and come back to us in a few days. 

Band Members: 
DÄ…bek (Goldfinger) - guitar, 
Jed (Scaramanga) - guitar, voc, synth 
Jankes (Hugo Drax) - bass, 
Bati (Dr. No) - drums 
Weedjan (Q) - sax, voc, ritual beats

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