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Wednesday, October 03, 2018 is proud to present our second charity compilation entitled 'Compilation For a Cause-2018'. We are excited to be teaming up with a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to improving the communication abilities of children on the autism spectrum by providing music therapy assistance and communication devices. We encourage you to visit their site at 

100% of the proceeds go directly to to support this important cause! Help us embrace the power and impact that music therapy can play in the lives of autistic children. Your donations support children on the spectrum in integrating therapy services that can greatly improve their verbal and communication skills. In addition, funds raised help support autism awareness through various events while providing autistic children with various communication assistance devices (iPads, tablets, apps, etc.) 

The compilation is available for download for a limited time through December 31st 2018. 3 hours of amazing music from 24 bands for just $5!! We want to thank each and every band and label for their song donation. This could not be possible without their support. Come explore the heavy and expand your library with these exceptional bands flying under the radar. 

Track Listing:
1. Witchskull - Priestess 04:34
2. Forming the Void - On We Sail 05:34
3. Astrakhan - Cutting Teeth 05:54
4. City of the Dead - Path of Tonality 05:35
5. Deathbell - Over the Rim 04:43
6. Blood Folke - III 06:59
7. Doppälgängär - In This World, Not of It 11:16
8. Friendship - Alaska Night 04:00
9. Hashteroid - Stan the Wolfman 06:02
10. Godhead Lizard - Dreamstone 08:49
11. JIRM - Tombs Arise 10:59
12. Marijannah - Snakecharmer 06:27
13. Khan - The Drudge 11:16
14. Saint Karloff - Radioactive Tomb 05:56
15. Red Sun Atacama - The Gold 10:39
16. Pyraweed - Dusk 13:08
17. Wolftooth - The Huntress 06:06
18. Tontura - pH 06:49
19. Black Elephant - Inno 06:03
20. The Osiris Club - A Winters Night on Sentinel Hill 11:34
21. Don Barbas - La Luz 07:01
22. Turtle Skull - Eden 06:08
23. Zahir - Duracell Killer 04:37
24. The Crazy Left Experience - Magic 09:00

Thank you again to all the bands and labels involved! 
Small Stone Records, Twin Earth Records, Cursed Tongue Records, Seeing Red Records, Rise Above Records, Pink Tank, Kozmik Artifactz, Init Records, Axl Entertainment, Town Records, Adansonia Records, More Fuzz Records and Indie Recordings.

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