A Shine Below the Mound
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Modern Krautrock, Post rock, Math Rock
Sounds Like:
Grails, Don Caballero, 3 Mile Pilot
Monday, May 12, 2014
#6 ALBUM OF 2014
From Gothenburg, Sweden we would  like to introduce SONSON and their first full length, A Shine Below the Mound, released on the German label, Kapitan Records (Captain Records). This quartet plays an interesting and entertaining 40 minutes of what is known as instrumental Modern Krautrock. They do however dip their hands into other genres; from Progressive rock to elements of Post-rock as well. Dare we say they even cross into a bit of Math rock, yes they do. So, as you can see the music is varied and distinctive, making for quite a unique album. Since it can be a bit challenging to put into words how this plays out, we have compiled a track by track breakdown to guide you through this musical excursion.

Track 1:  Foghorn
(7:31) - This track starts off like a 3 Mile Pilot song blended with a 60’s The Doors era vibe. The organ playing is refreshing, it’s nice to hear other instruments take lead once in a while in this genre. The song than takes a subtle shift into Math rock territory, akin to the sound of Don Cabballero, a very good opening track.

Track 2: Sun Wax
(7:27) - This one has an infectious mellow tempo that tends to be mesmerizing. We love the rhythm that naturally forms around the 5:12 mark; you have to listen to appreciate.

Track 3: Medicine Lumber (3:51) - We seem to be taken back to where track one left off, it’s a nice tie in. The organ here is dominant and the dubbed in voice samples are a nice touch.

Track 4: Juvile Steam (5:54) - Very upbeat, the percussion here is the driving force while the guitars balance between Post and Progressive rock. The music keeps building up to a crescendo of sound that eventually bursts to end.

Track 5: Foolas Gold (4:23) - A very pleasant track, with varying elements diving back and forth between Kraurock and Progressive rock.

Track 6: Tupilak: (9:59) – This exploratory song is lengthy and deep. The beginning just builds beautifully into a drone-like, spacious vibe and the underlying synth work is incredible. The last half of this song is a repetitive, hypnotic jam that carries us to end, making for a great finish.

We have to tip our hats to labels like Kapitan Records for releasing such talented artists and of course to SONSON for bringing us such unique music. We hope to see them embark on a tour in the USA at some point, this music has to be heard live in a small, personal venue. - 5/12/2014

Stabdout Tracks: Foghorn, Tupilak
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