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Trip Hop , Electronica
Sounds Like:
Chemical Brothers, Thievery Corporation
Thursday, October 17, 2013
One mind, one musician and one hell of a talent. Menton Mathews, has put forth an album that takes you through a whirlwind electronica ride. Ganglion weaves poignant use of the violin and cello throughout along with a central modern sly trip-hop sound. He uses feature film samplings, guest vocals, theatre, opera, chanting and eerie chorus echo to create emotion and atmosphere.

One of our favorite tracks is "Grafting", which features some powerful sampling of the late Nusrah Fateh Ali Khan, the king of Indian soul. The violin and cello are phenomenal and Nusrah's vocals will send chills down your spine. Very dark and powerful tune. "Remember Me" is a very cool track that features some tin electronica banjo that melds into soft piano interludes.  The vocals of Sarah Matthews are highlighted on several tracks which infuse a laid back feel engulfed beautiful instruments and swarming beats. "Blood and Milk" is loaded with fervor blending heavy beats with modern pop hooks, the song highlights some impressive DJ sorcery. Track 8, "Backyard Pond" gets very Chemical Brothers on our arses, but is an interesting diversion. Only a few tracks sway to the 'bit to repetitive sampling side' which is always a big bugaboo of ours on pseudo, electronica albums.

Despite a few minutes of repetition, this album has considerable depth unlike most electronica albums we have entertained. Mathews has tremendous talent, such that were it not for this review, you would think there were ten different talented artists involved with this project. Very cool album to put in your heavy rotation... enjoy!

Standout Track: Grafting
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