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Stoner rock, Alternative metal
Sounds Like:
The Jesus Lizard, Akimbo, Kylesa
Sandrider is one of those bands that really melds a ton of influences into a single cohesive, yet chaotic metal stew that makes them difficult to nail down. Every time we listen to them, we think, “Who the hell do these guys sound like?” Sometimes they bleed Fugazi or Jesus Lizard all over the place, sometimes alt punk like Disengage and other times they have the anger and intensity of modern era Sick or It All. As they also have early Nirvana and Soundgarden influences certainly being part of the mix.

Hailing from the rainy Northwest and up from the ashes of one of our cult favorite stoner metal bands, Akimbo, comes Sandrider. Singer/Guitarist Jon Weisnewski’s Akimbo fingerprints are all over this one. As a matter of fact, if you listened to the evolution of Akimbo, Sandrider is the likely next step anyway, so if you are an Akimbo fan, take heart.

The band surfs between all influences smoothly and more than capably. The strong points of the album are
"The Corpse", with it’s deep galloping twang, the towering "Paper" with it’s heavy defiance and Fugazi-like riffs and the intriguing epic of "The Judge", that alternates between doom metal and alternative (with some nice lucid vocals that bear exploring on future efforts). The driving finale, "Scatter", calls you to hop in your car and hit the gas.

Our only criticism would be that occasionally the vocals try to hit a higher range at some of the song climaxes and unfortunately that range just isn’t there and it comes off a little too over the top. Thankfully these moments are extremely brief instances that should in no way deter you from an energy filled stoner/punk/metal force to be reckoned with. - 2/7/2014

Standout Tracks: The Judge, The Corpse
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