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Stoner rock, Heavy rock, Rock
Sounds Like:
Indian Handcrafts, Tweak Bird
As we continue to explore the heavy we often find ourselves landing in Australia, it seems to be a booming scene for independent artists. Saol, the latest act to hit our rotation from you guessed it, Australia is a two-piece band that is currently flying way under the radar. Saol hits all the right notes on their debut album Bloath, it’s so fucking infectious with its driving stoner rhythms and atmospheric tone. Band members Connor Dwyer (Guitar and Vocals) and Lachie Barling (Drums and Vocals) have a unique and terrific chemistry that doesn’t come along very often for two-piece bands.

will take you on a journey through atmospheric stoned jams and upbeat raw heavy rock, these guys throw a ton of metal at us and it flows beautifully. The vocals really stand out here, the performance of Conor and Lachie is second to none for a duo rock band. They are clean, hypnotic and a bit punkish when needed, plus the harmonizing is solid and a huge draw to the album. We cannot forget about the production, it is top notch as they sound like a foursome, kudos to the production crew. 

Vocal Performance
9.5 of 11

Weight of the Heavy
8.9 of 11

Lyrics and Song Structure
9.2 of 11

Fretwork Prowess
9.3 of 11

Overall Album Flow
9.5 of 11

9.5 of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics
8.9 of 11

Production Value
9.5 of 11

Standout Track(s) 
The weightless sound of “Ocean Forest” is a very fluent and trippy. “Vulture” is so freaking catchy and will stick with you, terrific bass work on this one. “Trash That Shit” is also another stand out, just an overall entertaining tune. To be honest the whole album fucking rocks.

Alcohol Pairing
5Beans by Six Point Brewery. The 10% ABV Porter has a smooth coffee and vanilla aroma and flavor, fitting for this album.

Lasting Impression
Bloath could have easily been in our top 11 albums of 2017. We discovered the album a bit too late as it was released couple days before the New Year. It’s an easy album to get into as they span so many metal genres and for a two-piece band it’s even more impressive. - 2/26/2018

1. Under The Wing 04:34
2. Silver 05:08
3. Bloath 05:14
4. Ocean Forest 07:32
5. Vulture 03:49
6. Trash That Shit 07:10

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