(Deep Shades)
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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Elder, Goatsnake, Arc of Ascent
If Glen Danzig could have intercourse with Pete Stahl of Goatsnake fame (and men could have babies) their first born would sound like the lead singer of Savanah. Formed in 2014, the Austrian threesome stick to a steady and inspiring formula. A formula of majestic stoner fuzz rock where grinding heavy rhythms dictate.

Track Listing:
1. Deep Shades (6:44)
2. Painfull Illusion (7:38)
3. Magellanic Clouds (4:42)
4. Endless Sleep (7:40)
5. Blue Reality (7:13)

While the five songs do not sway all that much from the formula, all five tracks hold our attention. It is hard to get tired of well produced sonic guitar riff bliss. The vocals are crisp and contain just enough echo at the right moments. The bass churns and engulfs the listener as the backbone lead guitar riffs take us to even higher grounds.

Deep Shades (6:44) - The initial two minute build-up is powerful. Soft creeping vocals strengthen to harken perhaps one of the most majestic riffs of 2015. Love the lengthy tongue whipping 90s-esque guitar solo that pops up three times throughout the track.

Painful Illusion (7:38) - Tool-like creeping intro catches our attention immediately. A circular repetitive melody dominates throughout this track. Entertaining, but could have been cut down just a bit.

Magellanic Clouds (4:42) - Complex math-rock percussion intrigues during the intro of this track. Savanah brings things down impressively on this track. We hear Colour Haze influences up the wazoo on this track. Heartfelt riffs and climactic highs.

Endless Sleep (7:40) - The vocals preach from the depths of hell on this one. The despair that makes Danzig’s vocals so unique really punctuate this track.

Blue Reality (7:13) crank up the wawa pedal on this track. Twists on earlier melodies during earlier tracks creep back into this finale. The track hits some bouncing grooves at about the 4:20 mark. The metal guitar solo flare resurfaces as well.

Deep Shades is 32 minutes of five cohesive tracks that feel like one song. Difficult to delineate from one song to the next in reality, but it is effective and takes us away. Ultimately music in our eyes should take you away and alter your mood. Savanah does just that with clarity and impact. - 11/9/2015

Standout Tracks:
Deep Shades, Blue Reality, Magellanic Clouds

Label: Stone Free Records
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