Scud Mountain Boys
(Do You Love the Sun)
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Alternative country, Folk
Sounds Like:
Jayhawks, Son Volt
Apparently its been 17 years since the Scud Mountain Boys last folk album. Hailing from Northampton, Massachusetts, SMB have returned with a very depressing piece of work, predominantly all recorded in the same tempo. Giving this one our requisite five listens was folking painful! We will keep this one simple and to the point:

Track 1 "Do You Love the Sun" - vocals out of tune, lyrics repetitive.

Track 2 "Double Bed" - Trying too hard for deep imagery of a Double Bed... awful.

Track 3 "Crown of Thorns" - Worst track on the album... painful.

Track 4 "Learn to Love Him" - Flat and similar vocal inflection as other songs on album.

Track 5 "The Mendicant" - Interesting lyrics, melody gets on your nerves.

Track 6 "Orphan Girl" - Pernice's vocals go nowhere and are overexposed, weak Johnny Cash attempt.

Track 7 "She Falls Apart" - More out of tune vocals and boring lyrics.

Track 8 "Theme From Midnight Cowboy" - Like the randomness - instrumental - only 2 minutes long. Best song on the album.

Track 9 "Drew Got Shot" - Acoustic guitar solo ain't half bad, lyrics are dark with many Jesus references. Interesting.

Track 10 "You're Mine" - Awful - twangy boredom.

Steer clear of this one folks.

Standout Tracks: None
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