Sea Pinks
(Dreaming Tracks)
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Sounds Like:
Black Lips, Crystal Stilts, The Shins
Sea Pinks from Belfast have released four albums to date and their latest album, Dreaming Tracks is mixed bag of Indie rock. On one hand it can be catchy and inviting and on the other it seems rather bland. The band consists of Neil Brogan, Davey Agnew and Steven Henry and together they have brought us straight-forward Indie rock album. The production of is very good as it’s not over polished or under produced, there is an independent artist feeling about the album, which suits Indie bands well.

The opening track “Dream Happening” will pull you in right away. The building cello from the onset is intriguing, than it breaks into a mid-tempo, joyful indie vibe. The guitar strumming along with the steady percussion and bass really shine here. The vocals are lofty and rest perfectly on top of the music. It’s a very catchy first track and we were geared up to see what follows. The next track “Art Imitating Life” is good, but it doesn’t have the aura of the first song, but it will keep you interested enough to carry on.  On “Meat and Drink” the bass is the only shining light on this song, it’s very well played, but the song just drifts on aimlessly, not really going anywhere. “Waiting For You (To Go)” takes a step back, it just lacks the depth from the first two songs and has no personality.

The next three cuts “Not Belonging,” “Magpies Eyes” and “Wasted on You” bring the album back to life. The guitars and lyrics on these songs along with some background vocals provide some needed depth. Fans of older Shins and Black Lips may find these songs enjoyable.  “Dreaming Tracks” keeps the early Shins vibe alive; it’s a nice song that is well structured. “Pacific Standard Time” is another quality song. It has a spacious feel about it and is rather easy to get lost in. The last track “Invisible Lines” has some life and is pleasurable to listen to. The cello is a great addition to the song; it’s not over used as it just pops up once in a while, ending the album on a good note.

We found Sea Pinks latest release Dreaming Tracks to be a decent album as it grew on us after quite a few listens. Except for a couple of weak tracks in the beginning we’ll turn the dial up a slight notch for this one. While the album does not break any new ground, fans of Indie rock may want to give these guys a listen. - 11/29/2014

Standout Tracks: Dream Happening, Pacific Standard Time
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