Secret Meeting
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Electronica, Shoegaze, Pop
Sounds Like:
Hooverphonic, Morcheeba, Lunascape
Two relatively obscure bands, Curve and Collide join forces for a side project suitably titled The Secret Meeting. Ultrashiver is a relaxing trip featuring mellow female vocals much akin to that of Hooverphonic’s Geika Amaert. This is a nice album to throw on as you get set for bed or need something to relax your nerves. As is typical with this genre, there are no significant peaks or valleys. Rather, Ultrashiver is a steady middle of the road production with occasional spurts of ethereality.

Best track on the album is "Soulcreeper" providing a little more umph and get-up and go. While our editors admittedly fell a sleep a few times on this preview, the one real bonus that came out of it is that it did bring back fond memories of our longing for hearing some more Hooverphonic. The Secret Meeting is a talented crew, but unfortunately their side-project proves to be a little lackluster and better served as an alternative depressant.

Standout Track: Soulcreeper
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