Live From The 7TH Psychedelic Network Festival 2014
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Space rock, Psychedelic
Sounds Like:
Can, Pink Floyd, Oresund Space Collective
Thursday, August 6, 2015
Looking for an outstanding live album full of psychedelic richness and otherworldly space rock? Look no further than Sendelica’s latest release, Live From The 7TH Psychedelic Network Festival 2014. The band from Wales, UK began their journey in 2006 and has released seventeen albums and Eps to date, yes, seventeen. We are taken back by how this band is not more popular as they seem to be thriving very well within their own atmosphere. Since they are an instrumental band, how can they possibly keep the listener captivated? Well it’s all in the musicianship; these guys really pay attention to the details and the quality of sound being delivered from this live recording is near flawless. Their style of space rock is very psychedelic, heavy at times and mesmerizing. Each instrument shines on this baby, making for a well-balanced album.

Band Members:
Pete Bingham / guitars
Glenda Pescado / bass
Lee Relfe / sax
Lord Sealand / keyboards, theremin
Meurig Griffiths / drums

Since the album runs 101:01 minutes for six songs, it’s virtually impossible to break this one down note by note, so we’ll just give an outline. No matter how we describe these songs, we are still not doing the album justice, you must hear it and get lost in this one to appreciate the time and effort these guys put in.

Track 1: Spaceman Bubblegum (10:36) – Great title for a space rock song. The sexy saxophone and mesmerizing bass work start things off in a mellow fashion. This track slowly builds so effortlessly over time as the drums provide a solid foundation amongst the trippy, swirling guitars and psychedelic synths. The sax helps give off a unique space jazz feel making this is a terrific song to get lost in. If you’re a fan of this genre, you’ll be sucked in immediately.

Track 2: Standing on the Edge (2:24) – The shortest song on the album that gets right to the point. Sounds like Hawkwind meets Monster Magnets’ Tab 25 and this leads us directly into “Manhole of the Universe”.

Track 3: Manhole of the Universe (17:47) – Just a pure terrific space rock gem as all members are in full synch here. The brooding bass is flawless and never gives way. The guitars are just magnificent here as they dial up the speed over the last half of the song. The spaced-out synths will take the listener to new outer realms of the universe.

Track 4: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Buddha (11:38) – A Middle Eastern take on Pink Floyds epic “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun.” a very reflective and hypnotic instrumental.

Track 5: Master Benjamin Warned Young Albert Not to Step on the Uninsulated Air (47:41) – Intriguing song title and yes, this one runs slightly over 47 minutes. How the hell can they keep this up and not bore us to death. Well this is one hell of an entertaining track that only Sendelica can pull off and they seem to have a blast doing it. There are tremendous peaks and valleys to be found here as the song travels through millions of colors of psychedelic richness. The music is so layered and spacious it will take control of your conscious as you drift off and your mind will conjure up beautiful psychedelic landscapes.

Track 6: Magical Ninin (10:55) – Another upbeat and drifty song to get lost in. The dreamy sax integrates very well with the guitars, makes you want to be in the front row of this show.

Sendelica are a true force within the space rock world and they have been since 2005. When listening to this album it’s easy to forget this is live. We urge you to pick this one up, than work your way back with the other sixteen albums. There is so much to explore here, so enjoy and drift onward!! - 8/6/2015

Standout Tracks:
Manhole of the Universe
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