Seven Mile Journey
(Notes for the Synthesis)
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Post rock, Instrumental
Sounds Like:
Teeth of the Sea, Explosions in the Sky, The Pirate Ship Quintet
The Seven Mile Journey (TSMJ), a four piece band hailing from Denmark, have put together a sonically beautiful piece of work for their third full-length, Notes for the Synthesis. The album spans close to 60 minutes in length and is a hauntingly beautiful and their best to date. This is the type of album you need to listen to in a full sitting from start to finish to best appreciate the full impact.

1) Departures 2:00
2) The Alter Ego Autopsies 20:07
3) Simplicity Has a Paradox 10:42
4) The Engram Dichotomy 8:44
5) Transits 5:25
6) The Etiology Diaries 13:12

The six tracks above run much like a movie soundtrack, but with multiple layers and more depth. While a soundtrack has images and plot-line as support, TSMJ create their own gallery of images and moods that intensify with each listen. The overall mood can be described as suspenseful, dark, and melancholy. Yet at other times spacious and exhilarating. Close your eyes and let Notes for the Synthesis take you away to new and different landscapes that feature elegant piano, squeaky clean bass lines and weeping guitar leads wrapped in a percussion section that is pure ingenuity.

Track 1 "Departures" starts off as one of the more darker moments on the album with a short eerie intro much akin to a funeral dirge that segues into "The Alter Ego Autopsies" a beautiful song of grief and struggle accentuated with strong ivory keys and a  symphony of percussion (kicks in nicely at the three minute mark) that will send chills down your spine. The intensity on this twenty minute track is undeniable. "Simplicity Has a Paradox" features steadfast snare drum and swirling guitar work that are wonderfully intertwined and an exceptional track to be heard on a good set of headphones to best appreciate the richness and elaborate spread. This track is one of the more soothing and confined tracks. TSMJ do a nice job here coming down from the buildup to further relax the listener. Excellent contrasts and change ups between the snare drum and more intensified percussion. "The Engram Dichotomy" starts off reminding us of an excerpt off A Clockwork Orange soundtrack, haunting acoustic guitar with dark brooding bass in the background.

Throughout the album TSMJ intertwines a very unique high pitched slide guitar that we find at times quite unsettling, but not overdone. For us it denotes trauma within their wall of sound and is a brilliant touch throughout. Track 5 'Transits' continues with slower paced piano work set to soft staccato violins (or perhaps synth) that takes time to build. We can only describe this track as more of the aftermath or dust settling from what has previously transpired. The track bleeds perfectly into 'The Etiology Diaries' which is in our opinion the strongest and most elaborate track on the album. This track encapsulates different sections of the previous songs and really brings everything home into a vibrant climax.
Notes for the Synthesis will take a lot out of you. It is at times exhausting and intense, but well worth your patience. The album is very different from other instrumental post rock bands that we have entertained. TSMJ should be very proud of what they have created. An album that appears to have taken a lot of effort and thought. As a listener, we can only tell you that this has greatly enhanced our post rock collection and provided us another outlet where we can use our imagination to let the music take us away. - 9/5/2014

Standout Tracks:
The whole album must be listened to in it's entirety.
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