(Splitting The Light)
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Neo folk, Acoustic
Sounds Like:
Erudite Stoner, Michael Hedges
When it comes to dark instrumental folk albums, there is a tremendous amount of artists out there when you start to dig around. To our delight we have been introduced to Shades from Portugal. The duo has released a dark, yet comforting debut album in Splitting The Light. If you like peaceful acoustics with a touch of sadness and intrigue, we highly recommend this one. One of the aspects to this album we love is the interaction of the twelve tracks, they flow beautifully between one another as it will put your mind at ease and comfort your soul for the full 34 minutes.

What are the highlights of the album?
This is a tough one to answer. We seem to gravitate towards “Dance of the Willow Leaves,” with its dramatic aura and the track “Transdimensional Beings” shows a unique, trippy style of playing the acoustics, really showcasing their talents. The short ditty “Shades” is so peaceful it will curb any anxiety in your life. The back-to-back tracks of “Starlit Skies and “Onward With The Rain” are extremely mesmerizing and consoling.

How is the production value?
The production value is excellent, the chemistry these two artists have between one another is tremendous. The dueling acoustics are fascinating and the balance between the two is perfect.

Does the album art reflect the music?
The somber photo of a hanging flower pot is unusual and nothing flashy, but it does set the mood.

What are two words that best describe this album?
Blissful Harmony

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Sit back and enjoy this album with a glass of traditional Bourbon Old Fashioned.

What are our final thoughts on Splitting The Light?
We love the dual acoustic sound that Shades bring to the table, it’s a bit different compared to other Neo-folk artists. We find this album to be very tranquil and peaceful, and the perfect companion for an autumn hike. - 10/21/2016


1. Dream 01:29
2. Spiraling out of Insanity 05:36
3. Stringed Speech 02:23
4. Shades 01:14
5. Starlit Skies 05:34
6. Onward to the Rain 03:45
7. The Rain Also Falls 02:16
8. Dance of the Willow Leaves 03:46
9. Splitting the Light 01:44
10. Running Towards Loss 03:39
11. Transdimensional Beings 02:25
12. Absence of Fear 03:52

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