Shadow Shadow Shade
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Indie, Rock
Sounds Like:
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Of Monsters and Men
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Shadow Shadow Shade (SSS) is a seven member band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Their debut album is filled with texture and variety, providing the listener with a myriad of different harmonies and unique choir infused verses. The first track "Is This a Tempest in the Shape of a Bell?" features an onslaught of cool horns and great harmonies. Very catchy melodies that will perk your interests from the get go.

"Your Perfect Wilderness" features a soft somber acoustic approach with hymnal undertones. The vocal harmonies are layered very well to provide a nice slow build creating one of our favorite tracks on the album. Acoustic guitar morphs into a weeping wawa pedal filled swirling guitar sequence. "Say Yes" is probably is the most commercial and simple track on the album, giving off a Muse meets Mumford & Sons vibe. The horns do become a little repetitive and frustrating.

"Suffocate Us," features vibrant percussion along with sharp synth providing a very cool classic feel , punchy drums and angular guitars to make for the most vintage offering of the nine. To be fair, it's probably the disc's weakest song but the operatic female vocals and the surging final two minutes allow it to never once fall flat on its face. The last track "Amputee" is a great finale, starting with a very dark intro leading into some very unique soundbites of guitar/synth blending combined with deep male vocals. This song encapsulates for us what makes this a nice album as the vocals lead the intrigue.

What makes this album a bit of a standout for us is the variety and anticipation in the vocals. They really hit you with a ton of different angles, but hold true to the atmosphere they are creating throughout. While very diverse, the vocals do come together to keep a consistent steady flow to the album. Overall we were quite impressed with the debut work from SSS. There is very little filler in the album and the bands originality and hypnotic blend of unique harmonies and brass section accents makes this an enjoyable listen. Good addition for your collection if you are looking for some indie music with a little more depth than the boatload of redundant indie crap out there.

Standout Tracks: Amputee, Pale of Fern
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