She Keeps Bees
(Dig On)
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Sounds Like:
PJ Harvey, The Black Keys
She Keeps Bees is a two-piece band comprised of singer/songwriter/guitarist Jessica Larrabee and drummer Andy LaPlant. There is some nice musicianship found on Dig On, it has a lo-fi, bluesy feeling with strong, yet laid back vocals. On "Found You Out", we start to hear the unusual, contagious vocal patterns offered throughout this album. "Farmer" is a great short song; the guitar strumming and drums are extremely catchy, with unusual lyrics to go along, you’ll find yourself singing "keep picking up dead leaves...". "See Me" and "Sister Beware", are about some kind of family struggle, it’s quite captivating.  "Make You My Moon", shows a different blend of soft and spacious sounds that are well crafted. "All or None/Dark Horse", with its offbeat percussion, explores the darker side of this band. "Burn" is just vocals, finger snapping and the simple beat of the drum snare, it’s simple and effective at the same time.

Some would say they have a humble, simple sound, as it might be true, it’s also much more. The percussion is soothing and original, while the guitar can be distorted and quiet as well. Larrabee’s vocals are expressive with elements of whispering or crying out; it’s the attraction to the album. All these styles set them apart from other bands in the indie realm as this album may be just scratching the surface of She Keeps Bees potential. Whatever you’re style of music is you’ll appreciate this, so check this one out it will add diversity to your collection.

Standout Tracks:
Found You Out, Farmer
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