Crank this to 8.9 of 11
Indie, Pop punk
Sounds Like:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey
ShitKid is blunt and un-filtered indie-rockabilly-pop-punk like nothing you have heard. The album cover paints pictures of 50s simplicity which actually permeates through the lo-fi production. Swedish brainchild, Åsa Söderqvist, bottles this stripped down aura and infuses insane originality which we found intensified with each listen. We hear PJ Harvey influences percolate via Asa’s in-your-face approach, but beyond this Asa is one of a fucking kind. The transparent lyrics unfold like a page turner and we found ourselves having to listen to the album from start to finish and wanting more.

Track Listing:
1. Never Seen a Girl Like Me (3:49)
2. Sugar Town (2:39)
3. Alright (2:45)
4. Two Motorbikes (2:32)
5. Tropics (3:19)
6. On A Saturday Night At Home (3:08)
7. Likagurl (3:19)
8. Fish At Sea, Right? (2:07)
9. Gettin’ Mad (4:39)

What is the standout track?
"Two Motorbikes" has a deep bellowing riff that reminds us of something off of Kyuss’ first album Wretch. Further we can’t help but think of the track "Big Bikes". "Two Motorbikes" direct simplicity is sheer brilliance. So laid back and infectious will never tire making for a gem of a standout track.

How is the production?
Asa's recording and production coupled with Simon Skeleton’s mixing makes for a lo-fi experience so fitting from album cover to the last note.

What adult beverage would we recommend accompany this album?
No question, the Swedish Death Nettle, to strengthen that unfiltered in-your-face vibe.

40ml Karlssons Gold Vodka available from
30ml Wild Nettle Cordial
25ml Fresh lemon juice
50ml chilled brewed English breakfast Tea.
Top with soda water
Glass Highball
Garnish Cucumber slice and white edible flowers

Our final thoughts for Fish.

We have been searching high and low for something off-kilter that would reinvigorate our faith in creativity. Åsa Söderqvist is about as original as they get. A one of a kind voice with a unique vision that really comes through in ShitKid’s first full-length. This one may elevate even further on the rotation dial if we could get it on vinyl (currently sold out). We envision the crackle off the turntable to further accentuate the nostalgia that is inherent in Asa’s voice. Your library needs something this original. Put this one in heavy rotation and find get sucked in just as we did. - 6/12/2017

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