Silence The Sky
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Post metal, Hardcore
Sounds Like:
Inhale Exhale, Herder, Narrows
Hailing from Norway, a region that spawns huge metal acts, welcome Silence The Sky. The band took form in 2009 and released their first EP Citadel in 2010. After some changes to the line-up, they released their anticipated album Ancient in 2014 through the impressive catalog of Negative Vibe Records. Let's start by saying this album is extremely tense as the songs have an open-ended hardcore feel. The real shining light on this album are the dueling vocals between Audun and Magnus, they are gut-wrenching, guttural and melodic. Their styles really complement each other and feed off the music in such a way that it sets them apart from others within this ever growing genre.

Track Listing:
1. Atomos - 3:09
2. Ascendancy - 3:42
3. Venomous - 3:05
4. Angel Rust - 3:42
5. Through The Ether - 4:39
6. Psycho-Path - 4:05
7. There Is A Storm Coming - 4:01
8. Nebula - :56
9. To Whom It May Concern - 3:24
10. The Dismemberment Of Tellus - 4:04
11. Jenova - 3:03
12. Flight Of The Locust - 3:32
13. ION - 3:22
14. Humanifactured - 2:54
15. Echoes - 4:27

As you can see, there are fifteen tracks here falling just shy of an hour and “Atmos” gets this moving along. You’ll immediately know what you’re in for from this track, it’s a good indication of how they structure their songs. They can be extremely heavy with a hardcore side than on a flip of a dime pull in the reigns and become a bit atmospheric, it’s very well done. Track two, “Ascendancy” showcases a sludgy feel in the beginning then somehow transitions to the melodic styled vocals, there is great contrast going on here. The next two are tremendous back-to-back songs with “Venomous” and “Angel Rust”. The vocals are so engrossing on these songs, they just don’t let up. Once again the balance of the two vocal styles is very entertaining.

The album continues to shine with “Through the Ether,” where we actually hear a bit of progressive hardcore, especially within the last minute, the guitars are very fluent here. On “Psycho-Path” we are subject to what sounds like technical hardcore with some sludge and classic metal rhythms; it will get you primed for more. The next track “There Is A Storm Coming” has some nice flow for this style of music. The subtle echoed vocals here makes the album more gratifying and this flawlessly transitions right into “Nebula,” another quality song that fits the mold of Silence the Sky. The album starts to get into a chaotic mode with “To Whom It May Concern,” this song will hit you in all directions.

We are now at tracks ten and eleven and there is no feeling of boredom of repetitiveness, they have kept our interest. We must say the music is very impressive here and throughout the album. There are not many solos, if any at all, it’s just an all-out heavy rhythm fest and sometimes they even come close to math rock. The drumming is very good throughout and is probably the backbone on the album. The bass and guitars are very well played and have their part in creating the open-ended hardcore structure.

Now back to the songs as we are nearing the end of the album. “Flight Of The Locust” and “Ion” are more great tracks to sink your teeth into, by this point of the album you’ll feel satisfied and glad you stumbled upon them.  The second to last track, “Humanifactured” is the shortest song, coming in less than three minutes and man this one will inject you with a shot of adrenaline, it’s sped-up and just hits that raw nerve when you want something very heavy and rhythmic. The final song “Echoes” is a great way to end the album, it pretty much showcases their vocal abilities, which we found to be their bread and butter.

Band Members:
Audun Mehl – Vocals
Magnus Granholt – Vocals
Petter Hveding Hazen – Guitar
Ulrick Nygård Berg – Guitar
Andreas Solum Stenvoll – Bass
Jon-Eirik Bokn – Drums

We often hear many bands perform this blend of hardcore and melodic technique with no direction or seem unoriginal, yet Silence The Sky have a special formula going on here. They have injected some much needed life into this genre, so do yourself a favor and seek this band out. If you frequent hardcore music in vein of bands like Inhale Exhale, we have no doubt this will be for you. And for anyone on the fence, give the album a few listens, it will grow on you and sometimes this makes for great albums. - 1/21/2105

Standout Tracks: Venomous, Angel Rust, Echoes
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