Silent Island
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Post rock
Sounds Like:
Arbor Lights, Explosions in the Sky
We have not reviewed many bands from Hungary, so it's nice to see some activity coming out of that region. Some very positive activity we must say. The debut EP from Silent Island contains five poignant tracks that personify the beautiful water color artwork delivered via the album cover. In typical post rock fashion, the album is guided through the lead guitarist (the very talented Istvan).  Equator crosses lines of joy and sorrow. Albeit spending a majority of its time on the melancholy side. The EP takes us on a relaxing voyage of precision fretwork and reflection. Ultimately the album is a conduit in promoting wandering thoughts.

Track Listing:

1. Harbour - 03:49
2. Whales and waves - 03:43
3. Equator - 04:12
4. The old frigate - 03:50
5. Southern sky - 03:16

What is our favorite track on the EP?
The title track "Equator" shines in our opinion. The meandering jazz-like percussion surround the beautiful guitar melodies and really takes us away. By far the most dynamic track on the EP.

Any areas of critique?
The EP takes very little risk. We would prefer more contrast as the EP does not wander or deviate from its formula. Have we heard similar post rock before? Yes. Could we pick Silent Island out distinctly if shuffled in amongst a bunch of other post rock tracks? Not really.

How is the production?
Solid production and quite an enjoyable headphone experience. Very nice job by Kalamar Adam with the mix and mastering.

What adult beverage to enjpy while listening to this EP?
Palinka- the most famous spirit to come out of Hungary. Essentially, pálinka is a fruit brandy. Only pálinka made from fruits that are native to the Carpathian Basin are considered real pálinka. Popular fruits include apricot, pear, plum, and cherry. You can shoot it, or if you’re enjoying an expensive pálinka, do as the Hungarians do and sip.

What are our final thoughts for Equator?
Equator contains five very solid and enjoyable tracks. Istvan is certainly a talented songwriter and guitarist. His affinity for the genre are quite apparent. We do find ourselves yearning for some post rock music that takes risk. Perhaps this is just a very conservative genre. Nevertheless, Silent Island are talented folk with an exceptional eye for picking out some tremendous album art that echoes their sound. We recommend grabbing this one and putting it in heavy rotation. - 12/13/2016

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