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It seems to be very difficult to find any information on the band Soads. What we do know is they hail from Canada and have an intriguing album cover. We took a gamble on this solely from the cover, you just never know what little gems are out there. Sorry folks this one didn’t sit well with us. This EP contains five tracks of hard rock with rap/rock styled singing. We couldn’t find any redeeming qualities here, the music is average at best and the vocals don’t have much range. We have a hunch that maybe they’re a young band and it’s their first release with no budget, although it seems they may have put more thought into the album cover.

What are the highlights of the album?
After countless listens we couldn’t really find any highlights, not even one song to download.

Are there any unnerving or out of place songs to be found on this album?
The first song “Graze” is only 3:20 minutes long, but the song just ends at the 2:02 mark and the rest is just dead air, why? It’s very annoying and rubs us the wrong way from the start. The last cut “Fiend Club” just suddenly fades out to end when an interesting new bass line is introduced, it has to be the fastest song fade ever. The track is only a 1:32 in length, so again, why cut it short?

How is the production value?
It’s ok, it may be a self-release, so we’ll not judge to harshly on this.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

A six pack of watered down Schlitz is all you need.

Final thoughts on Soads.
We listened to this Ep quite a few times to see if it would ever grow on us, however, it does not. In fact we just gave up as it started to become very annoying and felt like a chore when we threw it in our rotation. - 7/29/2017

1. Graze 03:20
2. Days 04:10
3. Waves 02:46
4. Witch 02:08
5. Fiend Club 01:32

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