Solar Corona
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Space rock, Stoner rock, Progressive rock
Sounds Like:
35007, My Sleeping Karma
In scientific terms, the solar corona is the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere, which consists of plasma. The sun's corona has a temperature of about 3.6 million °F (2 million °C) and a very low density. We found this to be an interesting backdrop for a band that excels at painting vast imagery and blistering soundscapes. Solar Corona is a three-piece instrumental band from Barcelos, Portugal. Their music is deep and spacious as it voyages through elements of space rock and stoner rock. There are also elements of psychedelic and progressive rock here as well, so it’s a much layered album. The band consists of three very talented musicians; Rodrigo Carvalho (guitar and synths), Jorge Esteves (drums) and Tiago Campelo (bass).

Interesting note about Outerspace is that it was released on cassette (limited) and digital only. Why they would go this route is beyond us, but it’s quite interesting, perhaps the cassette is making a comeback. Maybe there will be a vinyl release down the road, who knows. The album consists of five exploratory tracks that can be somewhat compared to bands such as 35007 or My Sleeping Karma, yet they inject enough of their own vibe to keep things original.

We begin our journey with "Átila I" and this 8:40 minute excursion is very open and broad. The soothing synths combined with a spacious guitar, a soft underlying bass and rhythmic drumming makes this a very absorbing song. This track varies very will between soft space-rock arrangements to progressive styled jams, they even throw in some heavy stoner rock in the 30 seconds.
"Átila II," the albums second cut runs at 5:31 and is extremely mesmerizing for the first half. Than it morphs into some sort of spaced-out U2 "Zoo Station" jam. The third track, "Arkadiko" is a 1:15 of peaceful synths and guitar that lead us into "Holy Wisdom". Running at 7:43 minutes, it’s by far the most diverse track on the album. It begins as heavy, rhythmic stoner rock and then at the 3:06 mark, it drops-off into a soft, low vibe with a steady bass. It will soon transition into a progressive-driven tempo than to go even further they introduce a bit of heavy doom towards the end; it’s a very entertaining track. The album ends on "Pow Supertramp," which is 2:03 minutes of acoustic and synth, it somewhat resembles the style of very early Yes and it’s a nice ending.

Solar Corona have a nice vibe, they are a band that will add something a bit different to your progressive and stoner rock collections. We love the music that is coming out of this region lately and we are looking forward to hearing them grow and develop as a band. - 7/31/2014

Standout Tracks: Holy Wisdom, Átila I
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