Somali Yacht Club
(The Sun)
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Stoner rock, Post rock
Sounds Like:
My Sleeping Karma, Causa Sui, ISIS
Somali Yacht Club, sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Well to our surprise there is not much written about this band. They are a three-piece based out of Lviv, Ukraine who formed in 2010. They released an EP, Sadsongs in 2011 and a single Desert Walls is 2013, reminding us of a cross between Pelican, Acrimony and The Machine. These two releases contain good jamming music with heavy stoner rock influences with somewhat gruff vocals. They had us intrigued and curious to see what direction the band would go. The path the band chose was the right one, their first full length, The Sun, released in September, 2014 through Transubstans Records shows vast growth and maturity. It is an outstanding album to say the least and we can’t stress enough how beautifully rich this album is. It’s a combination of Post-rock, stoner and psychedelic rock with bits of shoegaze thrown in. The album is very smooth and flows at a temperate pace that is sure to captivate fans of these genres.

Band Members:
Mez - guitar, vocals
Artur - bass
Lesyk – drums

Track Listing:
1. Loom 8:20
2. Sightwaster 8:02
3. Up In The Sky 8:12
4. Signals 10:52
5. Sun 7:19

Starting off the album is “Loom” and man this one sets the tone and mood right away. The swirling guitars and soft vocals will fade in, then the rhythm just takes over and right away there is a different aura about the album. The vocals are cleaner and uplifting, guiding the music in a more spacious, open environment. The production even sounds more polished, which suits the Post-rock elements really well. Moving onto the beautifully structured “Sightwaster,” this one is just a flat-out stunning instrumental. Every instrument is played to perfection and allowed to shine; the band is in full-synch here. The timing of the rhythmic changes is spot on, for example the soft reggae breakdown at the 3:50 mark is so well integrated. Yes, we said reggae, it’s a brilliant addition to the song, then is just flawlessly transitions back to an ISIS-like heaviness, with minimal vocals thrown at us. There is no doubt the band has stumbled on to something here with the reggae feel, it is a welcome surprise.

Only two songs in and we had no doubt this album is special. Track three, “Up In The Sky” continues the beauty that is Somali Yacht Club. It begins with a moderate, steady opening with uplifting vocals and lyrics, but hold on, the song picks up pace around the 5:04 mark. It just gets even more enjoyable, you’ll want to crank it up a few more notches now and let the music just take control of the room. The song will eventually succumb to a soft, endearing close. “Signals” is another tranquil song that will engross you. Between the spaced-out guitars and soft drumming, the bass really shines here, it is very captivating. The aquatic-sounding vocals show up around the 5:40 into the song, and it’s a perfect complement to the bass. Just when you think the song may phase out, it comes back for a couple minutes of trippy guitar solos than it’s a full onslaught of psychedelic Post-rock to end.

One song left, can they keep the pace? Of course they do with “Sun”. This song has a light, soft Isis feel, if you’re into the Isis album The Absence of Truth than you will gravitate easily to this one. This song has a heavy uplifting aura about it, we love how the vocals just levitate over the music. It’s a great way to end a wonderful album.

We have no doubt Somali Yacht Club will take off, it’s just a matter of time, plus the musicianship is so damn impressive. There are some very interesting bands coming from this region, just listen to Les Lekin and Ethereal Riffian, perhaps this is a new untapped territory for music just waiting to be found. Fans of Post-rock, stoner or psychedelic rock will easily gravitate to them. Be on the look-out for the vinyl release sometime in September 2015 through Bilocation Records. - 2/15/2014

Standout Tracks: Sightwaster, Signals
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