Space Victim
Psychotropic Mind Murder
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Sounds Like:
Sun O))), Mono
Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Psychedelic drone music when structured well and creative can be remarkable and take your mind to other worldly spaces. As we are always on the search for groundbreaking bands within this genre we come across some that make us stop and pause for a moment. Space Victim, a two-piece band drew us in with a fantastic album cover and an intriguing album name on their 2012 release Psychotropic Mind Murder. So, how could you go wrong with this, it seems to have it all. Well, were going sum it up real quick so you can move along and get on with your day.

From the tracks listed below, the song titles and lengths suggest there will be an immense amount of exploration. To our surprise each song sounds exactly the same; it might as well be a 48 minute song. It’s just echoed guitar feedback and minimal distorted synths and that’s it. Although the music can be hypnotizing and does sound impressive for a moment or two when cranked at high volumes, it just wears thin after a while. To be fair we gave this one quite a few listens to see if it would draw us in, unfortunately it did not. We understand a bands need to be inventive and break away from normalcy. Perhaps some background vocal chanting, minimal tribal drums or a deep bass interlude would have saved this album, but this one just bored us. We have no doubt that there are some real psychedelic drone lovers out there who will be drawn to this, hopefully we have stumbled upon a hidden gem for you. - 1/2/2014

1 The Sea Of Sleep - 16:56
2 Hired Medium - 3:23
3 Psychotropic Mind Murder - 2:08
4 Inter-Dimensional Borderland - 5:40
5 Bad Trip - 1:45
6 Entrail Weight - 20:12
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