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Post-Hardcore, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Battle of Mice, My Dying Bride, Sumac
Looking for an album with tremendous variety and innovation? Download a copy of Spylacopa’s Parallels and your music library will be immediately enhanced. Spylacopa is a nice little hidden gem made up under the pseudo “supergroup” model (a term which we hate and will not mention again) featuring members from Candiria, Palms, ISIS, Battle of Mice, Made Out of Babies, and Slow Parade. Spylacopa’s previous release was an EP back in 2008 and was just a glimmer of what Parallels delivers.

John LaMacchia from Candiria fame is the mastermind behind Parallels construction providing lead vocals and guitar. The album is dedicated to Troy Young, the 29 year-old drummer who was murdered in 2009. Interestingly enough, Troy participated in a good percentage of the tracks on this album. Final production was held up for quite some time, but the band was able to get the album rounded out and released some six years later.

The diverse group of talent participating on this album have bottled up a very special cohesive work of art. The album is loaded with dark themes that tie back together and is one of the more entertaining albums to come across our desks for 2015.

Track Listing:
1. Hexes 05:45
2. Handmade Flaws 05:32
3. Crankshaft 01:32
4. Betrayer 06:38
5. Insolent 04:50
6. BTB 04:31
7. Troy 06:09
8. Reprise 04:24

The album kicks off with "Hexes" which is perhaps the heaviest track off the album. The track sounds like Alice In Chains meets Butthole Surfers. Double bass drum work and infused chaos make this one a terrific starter. The second track "Handmade Flaws" features Julie Christmas from the bands Made Out of Babies and Battle of Mice. Julie is one of our absolute favorite female artists. Her voice is distinctive and downright evil. The track features one of the darker duets you will come across. Lyrically the track paints vivid pictures of pain and fear.

The fourth track "Betrayer" sounds like something out of My Dying Bride meets Type O Negative. The track morphs into some dynamic goth metal progressive work featuring a very dramatic slow build. The central guitar melodies really paint the picture of betrayal and pain. On "Insolent" Julie jumps back on the mic working with a more post rock appeal. You can hear the ISIS influence on this one. Her vocals are mesmerizing and really stop you in your tracks. Our guess is anyone one reading this review will have to look into her other works. She is raw talent. "BTB" gets back to more of a gothic theme as John’s chanting keeps fluidity and some very dark underpinnings throughout the album. We do nod off a little bit on this one as it veers a bit too much on the “trance” side of evil.

The second to last track ‘Troy’ is an instrumental masterpiece reminding us of classic Gish from the Pumpkins meets something put out by And You Will Know us By the Trail of the Dead, brilliant stuff in deed. Significant change-ups and stellar guitar-work lead the way on this one. The closing track "Reprise" helps us cool down with a very mellow slide-guitar peaceful ending. Nothing to elaborate on this track providing a solemn ending to a jam-packed album.

Parallels is a dark and expressive piece of work. The participants on this album provide a whirlwind of entertainment that does not tire. This album understandably took a while to get out, but it was well worth the wait. This is a must add to your collection if you enjoy dark music laced with a boatload of talent. Julie Christmas and John LaMacchia particularly shine on this album and have a very unique chemistry that require your attention. - 8/24/2015

Standout Tracks: Betrayer, Troy, Handmade Flaws
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