(Inner Demons)
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Heavy rock
Sounds Like:
White Zombie, Roachpowder, Motorhead
Talk about a mixed bag of rock, the gents known as Stonehead from Germany have thrown every style of rock and metal into their latest release Inner Demons. While this album can be highly entertaining at times, we find it to to be all over the map. Lead vocalist Nobbi has incredible range as he swings between death metal, 80s power metal and Rob Zombie-like growls, he definitely is a unique talent. The tracks bounce around from stoner rock, alternative metal and southern blues to name a few. If you like your albums to cover vast amounts of rock, than take a gander at this one.

What are the highlights of the album?
Download the first track “The End,” which is by far our favorite cut. The album kicks off in great fashion with this 12 minute beast. It’s a meandering, spacey stoner rock tune. The tribal percussion and guitars are terrific, and the vocals are set to the perfect tone, they do not overshadow the music.

How is the production value?
The production is powerful and clean, the percussion does sound huge when craned up.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Grab yourself a sixer of Pabst Blue Ribbon, it goes hand-in-hand with the metal aspect to the album.

What are our final thoughts on Inner Demons?

We find Inner Demons to be an album we go to once in a while when the mood strikes us for some heavy rock. We have no doubt this album will attract a wide variety of fans who frequent heavy rock and metal. - 11/26/2016

1. The End 12:08
2. Mama always told me 04:10
3. Heaven ain't a good Place to be 03:06
4. Men of Retribution 05:17
5. Numb 03:27
6. The Flame burns again 04:31
7. One Life 04:59
8. The Lights did not Shine 06:24
9. The Last Drink 06:50
10. Dance of Death 05:03
11. Hot Rod Song 03:12

Band Members:
Nobbi: vox, didgeridoo
David: guitar
Raggi: drums
Percy: bass

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