Strangers Family Band
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like:
The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Syd Barrett, The Black Angels
There is no dancing between genres with the Strangers Family Band (SFB). They are psychedelic rock to the bone. Trippy vocals, swirling guitar effects, extended solos, drug references, and euphoric imagery all add to their stream of consciousness experience. SFB were organized in 2007 and hail from Orlando Florida. The five-piece band exudes influences from the classic British psych explosion and infuse various modern elements. We hear everything from the Beatles, Doors and Syd Barrett to the more recent Black Angels and Brian Jonestown Massacre. The members are comprised of close childhood friends whose affinity towards 60s psychedelia also felt the Florida Latin influences. Brothers Rick and Scott Seltzer head-up vocals, guitar and bass. Percussion master Juan Londono’s talent is pronounced integrating snare and Latin rhythm’s that shine. Keyboardist, John Randono, does a nice job with subtlety providing a classy backdrop to the infectious sound. Steve Kille of Dead Meadow fame does an excellent job with the production providing for a very well structured warm psychedelic sound.

Track Listing:
1: Yaer Time - 6:19
2: Starship to the Sun - 2:42
3: Elle S Dee - 6:34
4: Mary Jane - 3:07
5: Cosmic Wine - 8:10
6: Moonberry Jelly Jam - 3:12
7: Jenny 3003 - 12:36

Lets now cut to the chase and start with highlighting the negative. The worst track on the album is "Mary Jane." Very annoying repetition with this one that really falls flat. We question the inclusion of this track and don’t particularly care for the overdone Mary Jane references. .

Ok, so we got that out of the way. The majority of the album is pretty solid and a good add to our obscure psychedelic library. The opener "Yaer Time" is a vibrant and captivating track that really bleeds 60s influence. Track 3's title is quite cheezy, but not a bad tune overall, showcases fantastic percussion and solid guitar work with some jamming, the random spastic vocals add to the drug-laced theme. Track five, "Cosmic Wine" is a cool tune with great percussion particularly at the end, but listen to it a few times with the melodies of "Cinnamon Girl" in the background. We found ourselves wanting to extend out their melody into the Neil Young classic.

The last two tracks "Moonberry Jelly Jam" and "Jenny 3003" really branch out into drug mind-altering territory. Thick laced British accents actually work well on the" Jelly Jam." Very different and infectious tune indeed. By far the best track on the album is "Jenny 3003." We can’t name a better song out there that infuses Latino and psychedelic rock better. This is a tremendous jam and we are mesmerized by the percussion and weaving of Latino bliss.

We recommend you put this in rotation and give this album a few listens, it may grow on you. The Strangers Family Band are a talented and odd group that show much promise for the future. - 1/12/2015

Standout Tracks: Yaer Time, Jenny 3003, Moonberry Jelly Jam
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