Sun Frenzy
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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Kyuss, Colour Haze, Floating Goat
Fuzzzzzz, that’s what Poland’s Sun Frenzy are all about. Their debut EP has that old stoner vibe in vein of bands like Kyuss and Colour Haze, yet they throw in a smidgen of punk attitude like Floating Goat. The trio do not hide theses influences as ODD is clearly an homage to the gods of classic stoner rock. Upon first listen we were lukewarm about this album, it’s not the most original stoner rock we have heard. Don’t let this sway you by any means, the more we listened the more it grew on us. There is no such thing as having too much stoner rock in ones rotation. What got us into this album besides the stoner flow of the music are the vocals of bassist Chriss Rottenband. His unclean and punkish style did for us, he throws the album in a slightly new direction. The bottom line is if you love classic stoner and want to add six new songs of fuzz to your collection, by all means get this.

1. Hacked And Jammed 03:01
2. Moutain High 05:29
3. Gargantua 04:08
4. Step Back 05:01
5. Emerald 04:56
6. Watchers Of Tomorrow 06:21

What are the highlights of the album?

The third track “Garantua” sucked us in. The vocals hooked us, it’s a prime example of Chriss Rottenband’s dirty vocal style. Plus, the music is straight up enthusiastic stoner rock. The next cut “Step Back” is a laid back jam that keeps building, we love the interruption of the vocals at the 3:18 mark. Also the outburst of “Fuck you… motherfucker” comes out of nowhere, nice touch.

How is the production?
ODD sounds as if it was lifted right out of the early-nineties, when stoner rock started taking off. It has a good homegrown sound and not too polished.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Zyweic Bock from Polands’ Zyweic Brewery. This 6.50% ABV bock styled beer has a dark auburn color and tastes of a combination of figs and sweet toffee.

Final thoughts for ODD.
Sun Frenzy clearly put their influences on display, but make no mistake these three gents lay down some entertaining jams. We absolutely love the homegrown production and unclean vocal style. Definitely pick this one up, you’ll no doubt find yourself playing this more often than not. - 9/26/2017

Band Members:
Chriss "Rottenband" - bass/voc
Simon "Johny" - Guitar
Motek - Drums

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