Suns of the Tundra
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Progressive rock
Sounds Like:
Tool, O Brother, Floater
Thursday, December 5, 2019
One of the key elements that makes bands like Tool, Rush and the Tragically Hip shine is the distinct separation of vocals, guitar, bass and drums. This may sound a bit mundane or obvious, but a band’s ability to crisply carve out each instrument and perform at an above average level across the board is often lacking. Suns of the Tundra shine with their ability to separate these four instruments at impressive levels. Super production and the clarity that the four weave makes the band’s fourth release (3rd full-length) ‘Murmuration’ an impressive one. Marlow leads the way with some of the most impressive bass undercurrents. This undercurrent really sucked us in with the opening title track. Oakes is consistently entertaining throughout the album as his calming voice and thick UK accent provide for an infectious listen. 

The progressive rock influences stem from Andrew Prestidge’s other impressive band , The Osiris Club and the crews former off-branchings from the band Peach (Justin Chancellors old band). Tool had covered two of their tracks previously (‘Spasm’ and ‘You Lied’)

Suns of Tundra is anchored by the charming exploratory label of Bad Elephant Music (The Fierce & the Dead, Mothertongue,etc)

Track Listing: 
1. Murmuration (5:26) 
2. Each of Us (4:59) 
3. Sunflower (8:19) 
4. Four Corners (6:32) 
5. Echo Of An Angel (6:15) 
6- Survive Just Fine (6:20) 
7- Pond Life (4:19) 

Standout Track: 
"Echo of An Angel" is a robust majestic track that exemplifies the strength of Marlow’s undercurrent. He keeps the pace complimenting the vibrant fretwork that Moloney pins down particularly towards the end of the track with post-rock shadowing. Tons of excellent contrast and change-ups on this track. 

Adult Beverage Pairing: 
Thornbridge Breweries Jaipur IPA 5.9% ABV. Honeyed, zesty and spicy, but back-dropped by an incredible smoothness, this IPA quenches the palate and is the perfect accompaniment to ‘Murmuration’. 

Captivation and Variety 
9.3 out of 11 

Lyrics and Song Structure 
9.2 out of 11 

Weight of the Heavy 
8.2 out of 11 

Fretwork Prowess 
8.8 out of 11 

Base Undercurrent 
9.7 out of 11 

Percussion Prowess 
8.8 out of 11 

9.0 out of 11 

Overall Album Flow 
9.1 out of 11 

9.2 out of 11 

Album Cover Aesthetics   
9.2 out of 11 

Production Value 
9.4 out of 11 

Final Thoughts: 
We highly recommend you add the full library of Suns of the Tundra to your music collection. We appreciate the band’s attention to a clean sound along with the patience and boundaries they commit to. While progressive rock is the backbone of their core sound, they do tap their toe into a variety of other rock elements making for a warm and entertaining sound. 

Band Members: 
Simon Oakes (guitars, vocal, keys),   
Andrew Prestidge (Drums, Percussion, keys),   
Mark Moloney (guitars), 
Andy Marlow (bass guitar), 
Hanna Pettersson (saxophone)

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