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King's X, Trouble
Sunday, October 20, 2013
Talk about hidden gems in a one album super-group. Arguably one of the best hard rock front-men of all time, Dug Pinnick from King's X, teams up with Bruce Franklin and Jeff Olson from Trouble. Despite the talent involved, the album dipped way under the radar qualifying for obscure status. Dug's rich soulful vocal style never get old and this album features some of his most heartfelt hooks of his career. Tons of energy and deep masterful bass from Dug, layered with Trouble's unique heavy metal guitar grinding make this a great match we would have never envisioned. Trouble's, as we like to call, cosmic electric style of unique doom grinding and power cymbal percussion work have become a fine wine after twelve years.

This is an absolute must for fans of both bands and those fond of in your face anthem grinding soulful rock. Do not let the weak album art and less than innovative band name discourage you. Standout tracks include "Going Down", which may require you to tone down your subwoofer from Dug's gut wrenching bass work. "I Can't Help You" will really give you a flavor of that doom and cosmic Trouble feel capped off with the final cut and swaying ballad in "Shadows/Light".

We strongly recommend Supershine for all. If you have not been fortunate enough to feel the love and energy of a King's X show, perhaps this album will spark your interest to revisit them!

Standout Tracks: Going Down, I Can't Help You
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