(Gone Tomorrow)
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Hardcore, Atmospheric metal
Sounds Like:
Taint, Touché Amore, The Ocean
Melodic, atmospheric hardcore can be a dynamic combination when performed at a high level. Many bands today with hardcore roots who try to branch out often sound very similar to one another and seem get lost in the shuffle. However, there are exceptions, and Svaldard from Bristol, UK are the real deal. Their EP Gone Tomorrow is four songs of melodic, aggressive hardcore with elements of atmospheric metal and bits of Math-rock thrown into the mix.

Track Listing:
1. Melting Hands (5:05)
2. Never Look Back (4:51)
3. Pick Up The Pieces (3:31)
4. Leave It (4:33)

Gone Tomorrow opens aggressively with the in-your-face “Melting Hands”. In typical hardcore fashion, the vocals are harsh and throaty. The music will bombard you for the first two minutes and fifty seconds, and then take a sharp turn towards a Math-rock rhythm. This will slowly develop an open, atmospheric style resembling bands like Pelican or Red Sparrows, there is a lot packed into this one. The next song "Never Look Back" starts off in similar fashion, and again they seem to inject a very spacious touch within the melodies, you could almost call this Atmospheric hardcore, if there is such a genre. “Pick Up The Pieces” actually dives into speed metal from time to time, the percussion is relentless and unforgiving while the rhythm section at times will break into a what sounds like aggressive shoegaze. Closing the album is “Leave It” and this is nothing like the 90’s Yes hit, it’s a gut-wrenching layered song. The desperate echoed vocals and bass in the beginning will challenge your speaks. In the beginning, the song will drag you through the mud with its sludge, but in time they pick up the pace slightly and bring us to a powerful, dynamic ending.

Svalbard could easily write these songs to be 10 minute-plus jams like ISIS or Cult of Luna, but given their hardcore approach, they probably want to get right to the point. It’s refreshing to hear them cut to the chase and trim out the fat as there are several bands like Cult of Luna who produce 60-plus minute albums. It’s definitely worth diving into this one; their desperate, atmospheric sound is very enticing. - 11/19/2014

Standout Tracks: Leave It
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