(High Point)
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Hard rock
Sounds Like:
Hinder, Soil
From Oklahoma welcome Sweeper and their debut EP High Point. We’ll cut right to the chase on this one, basically the EP is your run-of-the mill hard rock album. With so-so production this album never really hit the sweet spot with us. However, there are a few shining moments where the rhythm stands out, saving the album from a 3 rating.

At times there is a raw home grown quality about the music which suits us fine. The vocals at times can be over produced and a bit too dramatic for our taste, just check out track four, “Haunted Halls” and you’ll understand. Track two, “Optic Glass” has a tad bit of cock-rock flavor, and while this style of rock can be fun to listen to in spurts, it doesn’t do it for us here. The lead vocals on track 3 “Icarus” resemble a bad Paul Stanley imitator during a late night karaoke binge.

While there are moments where the music grabs us, the album seems to be rather forgettable. We’ll keep tabs on the band since this is their debut, perhaps they’ll hit us with a stronger sophomore album. - 6/26/2016

Standout Tracks: Restless
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