Sweet Apple
(Love and Desperation )
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Alternative rock
Sounds Like:
Buckcherry, T Rex, Eddie Money
Dinosaur Jr.'s J. Mascis contributes in the backdrop throughout Sweet Apple's first full length album. Perhaps we can call this one a collaboration album. Lead singer John Petrovic's vocals are sub-par at best, at times his vocals resonate a hoarse Eddie Money. Petrovic's vocals become even more problematic when Mascis pipes in every now and then, makes the listener yearn for Mascis quirky vocal style, very much a tease as the listener beckons for the return of Mascis. He gets most of his air time and influence on the second track, "I've Got a Feeling". This track is loaded with Dinosaur Jr. guitar-esque riffs.

Our favorite track off the album is "Blindfold", featuring a great build-up and more subtle Eddie Money. Great fury of a guitar jam at the end. The album does have pretty consistent quality dirty-laced guitar work which peaks our interest every now and then.  The highlights of which are J. Mascis' infusion of raw energy.

Overall the album appears to be constructed hastily. The lack of cohesion leaves the listener thinking this was slapped together in a very short period of time. The last track, "Good Night" provides for a painful ending as Eddie  Money, uummmmm we mean Petrovic's vocals are way too exposed. This may be one of those albums that will collect dust and every now and then you will think to yourself, let me give this another shot, perhaps it will grow on me... and it won't, at least not for us. - 2/12/2014

Standout Tracks: Blindfold
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