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Indie, Alternative rock
Sounds Like:
Iron and Wine, Neutral Milk Hotel
Great talent often does go unnoticed. Swell is a four man show featuring the infectious acoustic guitar of David Freel and unique drumming style of Sean Kirkpatrick. Having put out 12 albums, we still consider them obscure. Now 22 years later, their music is one of a kind with a steady unique formula.

This formula entails simplicity... simplicity coupled with melancholy acoustic guitar layered with periodic high pitched electric fretwork. The percussion section also provides for intoxicating rhythms and sometimes overbearing cymbal work. "At Long Last", track two on the album, exemplifies their sound and everything that is Swell. Soft and mellow lyrics that creep forward into a crescendo of clarity and feel good nature. 'my dream of peace there's room to think I sleep with hope god in his place so pay attention...'. Notice the funky percussion and haunting vibrating drums that echo throughout the song. Track 4, "Down' provides a dramatic build and quirky lyrics that ring home... 'Let's just sit, we'll waste some time, on a quiet street... I see this tree, like I see them all. On a wonderful night, on a beautiful street... well I guess this is progress'.

Our staff writers strongly recommend this band. They have a tremendous library of incredible tunes. It's absolutely amazing how they could stick with this formula, yet keep it fresh and provide you with that melancholy but warm feel that only Swell can.

Standout Tracks:
At Long Last, Down
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