Tentacle Wizard
Bringer of False Light
Crank this to 9.3 of 11
Sounds Like:
Bloodmoon, YOB
Thursday, February 1, 2018
The debut album from the Serbian foursome features two bass guitars marching towards one hell of an undercurrent. The fretwork on lead-guitar provides inspirational contrast throughout. The lead vocals balance brooding pain and light-hearted inflection. Musta’s voice reminds us of a behemoth troll-like Cookie Monster... in a good way if that’s possible.

The album was recorded in one simultaneous session lending itself to a very raw and vulnerable feel. The recording is surprisingly tight as the four tracks seem to effortlessly meander through drone and doom. As we understand you time is valuable, we ask that you hit the last 2 minutes of the opening self-titled track. Some of the best flowed out jams and feedback we have heard in a long-time. Now take a gander at the 6:11 mark on "Bringer of False Light" the track seamlessly brings things down to one of the most poignant moments of the album only to build 2 minutes later into vivid mayhem. Lastly take a perusal at the 11 minute mark on "Death of a Silent Star" Musta's gut wrenching cries will send chills down your spine. If these three moments don't intrigue you to inject this album into your library you do not have a fucking pulse. The improv will take you a way as Tentacle Wizard delivers big in their one session.. Let the jams breathe from there and take you on an impressive 52 minute journey

Vocal Performance - 8.8 of 11
"I want cookie." actually Musta moves on to some very intense and poignant moments after the opener. A solid performance with variety.

Weight of the Heavy - 8.7 of 11
The debut is has a nice balance of heavy. Nothing that will taint your woofers but a solid dense humidity throughout. We wish the double bass was actually more prominent adding to the weight. There are moments but could have perhaps used some more brooding bass. Could we add a third?

Lyrics and Song Structure – 9.4 of 11
The weaving and improvisational jams flow brilliantly. Love the song-structure. While this was all done in one take, these fuckers must have prepared tremendously for this take.

Fretwork Prowess – 9.2 of 11
Excellent precision coupled with feedback and fuzz.

Overall Album Flow – 9.3 of 11
The flow will engulf you... difficult to turn-off once in the thick of it.

Contrast – 9.3 of 11
Exceptional highs and lows. Well done.

Album Cover Aesthetics – 8.5
Perhaps deceptive visions of psychedelia hit us.

Production Value – 9 of 11
Clean and crisp production... perhaps more focused with the one take.

Standout Track(s)
“Bringer of False Light" contains the most prevalent contrast and striking melodies. Difficult to set one track over the other because this album flows so well, but this track really elevates to a different level in certain moments throughout.

Alcohol Pairing
What better than a caramel based Serbian stout? By Kabinet Brewery comes Kabinet 02 Kolaboracija 10% ABV
Aromatic caramel stout has had the honor to lay off nearly six months in oak barrels awarded Arkanj rakija (apple brandy). The result - baked chestnut, intoxicant vanilla, intense caramel, full of taste of a great charisma.

Lasting Impression
There is a bright future ahead for Tentacle Wizard. We applaud their bold approach on a debut to record in one session. A sign of maturity and things to come. Doom jam fans need this album in their collection. - 2/1/2018

Track listing:
1. Tentacle Wizard (14:03)
2. Bringer of False Light (13:59)
3. Death of a Silent Star (25:28)

Band members:
Nejmles Endles (Lead Bass)
Žile (Guitar)
Frantz (Drums)
Musta (Vocals/Bass)

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