The 13th Pillar
All Sounds The Same
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Psychedelic rock, Modern Krautrock
Sounds Like:
Wooden Shijps, Swervedriver
Thursday, August 28, 2014
The 13th Pillar is a psychedelic rock band that churn out some spacious and trippy songs on their 2014 EP, All Sounds The Same, released through Bellagroove Records. The band is made up of Selwyn Callister (Guitar and Vocals), Karl Collins (Guitar and Vocals) and Gypo Buggane (Bass, Keyboard and Drums). Together they have created an EP that is sure to grab the attention of fans that frequent the psychedelic rock genre. This EP consists of three somewhat lengthy, vibrant songs that are easy to get lost in. The three tracks blend well together and make for a solid appetizer.

Track 1:  All Sounds The Same – (6:23) This beginning song has a modern Krautrock feel. This track is filled with steady drums and bass along with the echoed vocals that intertwine well with the psychedelic guitar strumming. The soft distortion of the vocals is what draws us in and is a theme throughout.

Track 2:  Metropolis - (6:51) This one has a smooth trippy flow, just sit back and let the song develop. The last half slowly turns into a psychedelic jam that goes into Swervedriver territory. If you’re not familiar with Swervedriver, check out their 1993 album Mezcal Head. The bass and guitar squalls in the last minute and a half provide the album with some spaced-out exploration.

Track 3: Alien – (3:54) The last song and the shortest, it is the most upbeat one on this EP. The brooding bass provides the foundation here and the echoed vocals once again will draw you in. This song somewhat resembles the style of the underground, stoner rock band The Heads. It’s a great song to end this EP, it will have you craving for some more.

All Sounds The Same is a pleasant find and we must thank Angela for introducing this band to us. This is an album that will grab you and put some psychedelic spice to your collection. - 8/28/2014

Standout Tracks: Metropolis
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