The Amazing
Gentle Stream
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Folk Rock
Sounds Like:
America, M. Ward, Fleet Foxes
Saturday, October 19, 2013
The Amazing, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden have provided us with a 2012 album that has a very authentic 60's rock folk feel. The production highlights this feel as various tracks sound like they are off vinyl. Gentle Stream is delicate and soothing while featuring layers of infusing various instruments. Tinny strained guitars create soft melodies, interwoven with horns and various wind instruments. The vocals provide a soft drifting mood very consistent complementing the instruments perfectly.

Several tracks tread delicately into jam band territory with 6 and 7 minute plus ventures. The track "Dogs" provides a little Neil Young feel with gritty guitar culminating in a unique organ finish. Overall the lyrics are thought provoking set a feel for nature settings. Only two mediocre songs on the album, "Assumptions" and "When the Colors Change". Our favorite track is "The Fog", providing a dark America feel with great subtle accoustics, tamborine, and organ. "Ghosts" is a peaceful ending to a layered album that will certainly enhance your collection.

Gentle Stream makes our editors list one as one of the top 20 obscure albums of 2012. - 6/22/2012

Standout Tracks:
The Fog, Dogs
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