The Archaic Revival
(Rock and Roll Holocaust)
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Hard rock, Rockabilly, Metal
Sounds Like:
Volbeat, Planet of Zeus, Demonspeed
The Archaic Revival are an energetic three piece hard rock band from Australia. Their third release Rock and Roll Holocaust is a high flying and freewheeling rollercoaster ride of hard rock and rockabilly. If you love the upbeat enthusiastic attitude of Volbeat or the heaviness of Planet of Zeus, then these guys may play right into your wheelhouse.

What are the highlights of Rock and Roll Holocaust?
The first two tracks “Black Hole City” and “Drug House” kick off the album is good fashion with, they are lively and rhythmic tunes. On “Born In a Lions Skull” they inject a bit of stoner rock into the mix, the muffled vocals are a nice touch. The track “Hologram Induction” is fast and furious with some 80s metal guitar licks. The title track probably has the most variety as the band melds all styles of rock into this one.

How is the production value?

The production is good; it’s loud, raunchy and clean.

How is the vocal performance?

A strong combination of Michael Paulson of Volbeat fame meets Planet Of Zeus vocalist Babis Papanikolaou and Matt Payne of the defunct band Demonspeed.

Does the album art reflect the music?
Yes, the artwork is very good, it could apply to any heavy rock band.

Does Archaic Revival have other albums worth checking out?

Yes, if you dig this style of rock, checkout 2015’s Satan’s Woman and 2012’s Space Surfin’ Demo.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?
Pabst Blue Ribbon. Crack open a tall boy for this one.

What are our final thoughts for Rock and Roll Holocaust?

The Archaic Revival are energetic and full of high flyin’ rawk and roll. If you're looking for some rockabilly-styled metal, give these guys a shot. - 10/17/2016

Band Members:
Pete H - Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Davo X - Guitar
Jimmy K - Bass

1. Black Hole City 03:12
2. Drug House 04:14
3. Born In A Lion's Skull 04:33
4. Hologram Induction 05:36
5. Long Way Down 04:20
6. Black Massacre 04:38
7. Morning Star 03:57
8. Rock n Roll Holocaust 06:41

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