The Cyclist Conspiracy
(Mashallah Plan Virility)
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Psychedelic rock, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Wellwater Conspiracy, Amon Duul II, Rasputina
Welcome to the world of The Cyclist Conspiracy where psychedelic rock meets World music. The band From Belgrade, Serbia is truly a unique talent, we actually cannot find any comparisons to help describe their music. Just imagine what instrumental psychedelic rock fronted by female chants would sound like. It’s a bold combination that works and we can only imagine what this sounds like in a live atmosphere, probably feels more like a play than a concert. So, sit back grab your favorite cocktail and crank this one up.

What are the highlights of the album?

There really are no standout moments, the whole album flows extremely well. What is impressive is the cohesiveness between the band and the vocalists. Track 5 “The Search” has an old western-style feel that we seem to gravitate to and the “The Great Staurocycle” is just way out there with its stoner rock and world music vibe.

How is the production value?

The production is very good. The chanting-styled chorus really take center stage and bring the EP to new and uncharted territories.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Have a couple drinks of the legendary Japanese drink Sake. This fermented rice drink is great hot or cold, plus it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

What are our final thoughts on Mashallah Plan Virility?

The Cyclist Conspiracy has broken the mold of where psychedelic rock can go. We love the combination of this style of rock with a World music touch. Just download this one and add to your collection, it will definitely expand your library of psychedelic rock. - 5/4/2017

1. The great staurocycle 04:16
2. Virility 06:31
3. Blood of the lamb 07:43
4. Theology & bicyclism excerpt 1 01:55
5. The search (time enough for the earth in the grave) 03:03

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